Toyota 100 series gxl 2001


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Hi there I am looking at buying a Landcruiser 2001 gxl petrol 4x4 100 series can any body tell me a bit about the car eg: petrol guzzler,reliability ect.
I do own a nissan patrol 1990 wagon petrol model and she sucks the juice a bit but very reliable bus.

red hilux

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big car.....big engine....big fuel bill

if your careful with the loud pedal, you may get a bit more

I hope this sums it up for you


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I've got one of the last of the RFS 100 series petrol 6 cyl.

Pros: - Fantastic comfortable truck
- great 4WD
- big enough for the family
- tow anything.

Cons: - Fuel guzzler - expect about 20lt/100k's. Can get down to 16 or 17 but with slightly larger tyres I'd be happy with 20 around town. Running on LPG now and jeez it helps the hip pocket.
- Must say it's not as comfortable as the IFS model on the road but the trade off is you get more articulation off road.


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fantastic vehicle, converted to LPG and it will be even better. Don't forget about the gov rebate on that too.