Toyot Hilux 1990 4Y


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G'day fellas, picked up my new truck just tonight thought I better make an account on here since I officially own a 4x4! I know quite a bit about Hilux's just from looking on this forum and talking to people more knowledgeable than me about them. In saying this, I do not know much about the 4Y motor or specifically the 1990 model. If any more clued in people have some information about the 4Y motor or the specific model would be much appreciated. If not no worries, I'm sure I'll be posting frequently on here as I run into various obstacles. I've decided to call her the "Toyot Hilux" as it is missing an "A" in the front badge. Here are some pics of the old girl! Cheers in advance :)


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Tidy looking bus you have yourself there mate love the decals and welcome to the forum!
Interesting to see a 4Y in the N50 shaped cab. Would be interested to see the model code on the manufacturer plate under the bonnet. Should read YN104 or RN105r.