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hi to all. absolutely new to this. was wondering if theres any 4x4 tracks around townsville that lead to great fishing spots. the very easy 4x4 tracks


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Hi Selea and welcome to the site. In the region you have tracks but not sure if they lead to great fishing spots. Joining a local fishing or 4x4 club should help you in that area.


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Hey Mate, welcome to the site!

A post I can contribute to!!

As for "good" spots, I'm fairly new to wetting lines, but I'm getting there....

It probably depends what you're driving... nice and close is the Bohle river, accessable from the end of Everett St, off Ingham road.... I like it cause it's really close, but can be random with the fish.... lots of crabs, lots of spots to try, need to try more tides etc. You can easily get to most spots in a normal car if it's dry and you're careful, I used to take the Avalon down there before I got the Lux.

Another cool spot is Cocoa creek on the way to AIMs on cape cleaveland, usually graded and you can get the creek without too much worry, there are tracks off the main dirt road to other spots but they vary in difficulty.

Otherwise... there are others, but I'm still exploring, if you've got any ideas or want to tag along I'm pretty much always keen, just give me a PM!