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I have a 2002 holden rodeo 3lt turbo diesel i want to fit a steel bullbar and winch do i need to upgrade the torsion bars or do anything else to the front suspension. any help or advice would be appreciated .

road rat

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i disagree i have the pajero with a alloy bull bar on old torsion bars put on the winch with cable and havent noticed any diffrence at most wind your torsions up a little to reajust the hight diff you should be fine:D


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With the extra weight of the winch, you may have to upgrade the torsion bars. I would recommend talking to Zordo or another suspension specialist


i had a steel bar with a winch and steel cable on it, with standard torsion bars, was very noticeably different as soon as the winch went on, over big hits the front tended to dive.. i now have heavy duty torsion bars and it is much better, in my opinion i would upgrade to heavy duty torsion bars
Get new torsion bars is the best answer.
If your shockers are old get those done at the same time, it will drive growse.

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i cranked the 'bars on my old mk triton years ago to regain a bit of height from the sag delivered by the bullbar/siderails/sidesteps. it seemed okay at first but yawed and pitched on the lovely outback qld roads, at hiway speeds. anyone in the back seats needed a bucket. get the heavy duty mate.