Tom Groggin to Mt Gibbo to Mt Pinnibar over 3 days


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We did a loop out of Tom Groggin over three days that took in some incredible camps, fun drives and some spectacular views. The videos below show it best but here is a bit of a write up as well. We had five cars, two 79 series Landcruisers, a 100 series, a GU patrol and RG Colorado wagon.

We left Tom Groggin about lunch time Friday and headed along Davies Plain Trk. It was a pretty cruisey drive but its scenic. The descent to camp was a long one but defintely well worth as we were greeted with a perfect spot on the river. Big cook ups and a Mars Bar damper were on the cards that night. We woke up to another perfect sunny day and had a slow morning before we went and checked out the other camps in the area.

After lunch on the Saturday we head up to the summit of Mt Gibbo. Since the fires ripped through the views on some of these ridge lines are incredible. We could see for miles and it made for some nice footage as we climb the rocky section near the summit. A quick drone flight at the top also captured some speccy views. Off the top of Mt Gibbo and it was time to descend and look for a camp. It was a really long decsent to the nearest creek and we were relying on it providing the goods for a camp site. We got lucky! Camp was just big enough to squeeze the five cars in and we spent the arvo sitting in the water with beers and munchies. Once again we cooked up a dessert damper - this one loaded with Malteasers. We shared some Peanut Butter Whiskey while we were at it.

In the morning the group split up after we climbed back out of the valley. Those of us who were heading home had a long drive back towards Mt Pinnibar, the others continued on to Lake Dartmouth. At one point we hit a HUGE tree across the road and we had to turn around. The clouds were blowing in hard which made for an awesome experience as we drove into the clouds, we kind of stayed below them on the ridgeline climb and we could still see the crazy views out to our right. At the summit it was a white out, mega windy and cold, we grabbed a quick photo and got out of there. We made a B line for Tom Groggin where we had a quick bite to eat and aired up.

Cracker of a trip organised by Nicko. Its a perfect 3 day loop out of Tom Groggin.


Great videos, well done. the recent fires 2 yrs ago have certainly burnt heaps of the trees and what was there before. Attached photo was from 2010. Saw what was left of the sign in your video.
regards Duncan