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To Oztent or not to Oztent?

Discussion in 'Tents' started by Threshold, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Threshold

    Threshold Active Member

    Interested in hearing about oztents from oztent owners. They seem to have good reviews and suit my needs. A little dear but I am happy to spend the dough if most people are happy with them.

    I am looking at getting one because the double swag isnt really that flash for me n missus and these look like they go up just as quick as the double swag!! I would buy if for 4x4 touring and camping. It'd go on the roof of the vitara and my job keeps me strong enough to lift by myself, so no issues there. It'd be on my roofcage sitting at a span of 1400mm, strapped down with fasty/ratchet straps.

    How long have you had your oztent?
    Any issues with your oztent?
    What size oztent did u get and how many people usually stay in it?
    If you knew what you knew now, would you buy an oztent again?
  2. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    One thing to consider is the load capacity of the roof on your zook mate.
    I dont have an oztent but believe they are quite heavy from what iv been told, doubt it would be enough to effect the roof but may limit other roof cargo you may have.
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  3. Threshold

    Threshold Active Member

    Think they're about 17-23kg. I have an awning and a shovel up there, apart from that everything else goes in the back. Roof cage keeps the collected firewood out the way.
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  4. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Should be sweet as then.
    You should get plenty of info here as they are a very popular tent, good luck.
  5. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    One son has an RV5 and the other an RV4 and both couldn't be happier. The only downside is the packed length, otherwise they are difficult to fault. Make sure you buy a fly.
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  6. Bendman

    Bendman Active Member

    I've had mine for 3 months and love it. Got the RV5 for three of us and a dog. They really are as easy to put up as advertised and like you, I throw it up onto the roof without dramas. I'd definitely get one again and can't believe I waited this long to get one. Keep an eye on the BCF sales as well as E Bay. I managed to fluke mine when BCF were having a sale on them and E Bay offered 20% off sale which resulted in a double discount!
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  7. Toddyh

    Toddyh Well-Known Member

    Know plenty who use and love them. I just bought a new tent and wanted one but the packed length put me off. Too long to fit on my roof rack. That's the only negative about them as far as I can tell.
    I ended up going Blackwolf Turbo simply because it packed up shorter.
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  8. Alien d2

    Alien d2 4x4 Earth Contributer

    We have had an RV3 for over 10 years.
    It's done 8 years of camps and now sees less use as we have the cross over van.
    Enough room for 2 to sleep plus a cloths bag and to keep your boots dry and spider free.
    3 mattress fit but no room left for cloths etc..
    We bought the extra zip on room and used it when traveling with the daughter(I swaged in the room).
    For boys trips I use it and roll the swag out inside(no steel pole pins on my swag), no morning dew and my boots are dry too.

    Down side is the bulk and length so they need to go on the roof rack.
    We have had 2 small holes patched in the floor where the hinge rubbed through( it was put up/down 30 days/year at a minimum for 7 years before patching).
    For a basic setup we use 6 pegs to hold it down, the front 2 floor rings to hold the door open- 2 attached guy ropes at the rear that also get used for the rear window as a vent- 2 for the awning.

    The plan is to use it for grandchildren in years to come as it sits well on the camper bed.
    If we get a caravan it will be taken also for the extra room/privacy for any passengers.
  9. eman

    eman Active Member

    Have one of the older green oztents which would be equivalent to the RV-3. Bought it second hand probably 3 or 4 years ago. Absolutely loved it, so quick to setup and fit the wife and I comfortably. Could probably fit 3 people in there, would be a bit cosy though. Usually we only peg out the 4 corners and might put out the awning also. The downside is the packed length but the roof rack handles that issue.

    We've just bought the RV-5 to accommodate the newborn. We are able to fit our double self inflating mattress, a portacot and still have a crapload of room. Again we only peg out the 4 corners. We didn't buy the fly, but that's next on the list as it got a bit warm in there last weekend. Will also eventually do the peaked walls and maybe the tag-along tent for the boys. Bought ours when snowys had a sale on them, $950 delivered was too good to pass up!
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  10. 99pc chimpanzee

    99pc chimpanzee Well-Known Member

    YEah great tent,mine did leak(without a fly)during the storms in s.a this year.It wasnt major,however with it pissing down and blowing a gale there were a few drops getting through which i put down to the flapping of the canvas on the internal frame.IT was horrendous conditions and i do not hold it against the tent in anyway.Agree with above about ebay vouchers ,generally though snowys prices are always the best.It doesnt hurt to put one of them python locks around it while on your racks either.
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  11. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    Love mine, had it for several years and spent easily 130 nights in it all over WA.

    Here's a review a wrote about the RV5 just the other day -

    I believe Oztent have just released another series of tents, and you can get the 2016 Blackwolf models for almost half price through snowys at the moment.

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  12. barcher

    barcher Well-Known Member

    Recently purchased a RV4 from Snowys with fly, mesh floor, side walls and front panel. Only been up twice, seems good quality especially the thick floor that comes up from the ground a good few inches. Before that had a centre pole tourer tent which folded down into a square, was lighter, smaller and over all a lot quicker to put up. It had canvas to the ground and a very thin floor so it did get wet inside. The awning on the tourer was very narrow at the tent end and didn't give much protection in rain. Very happy with the RV4 but don't overlook a tourer. Anaconda have a Kimberley 9 which I know nothing about but have seen a few good reports on it.
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  13. DaveTrees

    DaveTrees Member

    Have had an RV3 for a couple of years now ... fabulous thing for the 2 of us.

    For quick 1 nighters in good weather we just put up the basic tent (5 min setup inc. pegging) , for longer stays the front /side walls (max 20 min setup). There's enough room in the front part for 2 to sit comfortably in the evenings if it's cold/windy, and to cook & eat if needed. Strongly recommend the mesh floor to suit. We have bought the fly but haven't used it yet .... we have never had major condensation etc problems (we keep the tent well ventilated at night).

    Best camping purchase ever.
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  14. Towie

    Towie Moderator

    Love our had it for years and given it alot of nights out the only thing i dont like is setting up daily & packing up daily when solo but with 2 plus people it makes things quicker.
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  15. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Same as a double swag mate... Great with two, crap rolling it up, packing up by yourself..
  16. mauriceb

    mauriceb Well-Known Member

  17. Michael Baker

    Michael Baker Member

    I have a 2.5 G camp tent, easy setup/pack up, used a couple of times in the back yard with the kids, It's a little heavier then i thought it would be & it's long, won't fit in my roof rack.

    Had the tent just on 12 months
    No issues only used 3 times
    2.5 G camp Tent, 3 kids & me
    Would buy smaller to fit in my roof rack

    Cheers Michael
  18. Threshold

    Threshold Active Member

    Sweet guys. I think after all these glowing reviews, Ill get one. Now the size factor is the next question .

    So for two people a 3 is comfy or go the extra weight and go for a 4?
  19. nananut

    nananut Well-Known Member

    I love my RV3 but I only use it for musters and if setting up base camp for a few days since it's only for me. It is heavy but for me as a female with a back problem and to put it on the roof, it's actually not too bad. Just put in a stretcher, pillow and sleeping bag when the tent is up and I'm good.
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  20. Gavo

    Gavo 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I'm at least 7 years in with mine. Probably 8? And I've hardly looked after it.
    I've had to repair a few marks worn through by main frame. Also some random cuts I've added hooking it on stuff in garage.
    Had some trouble with my side wall add-on zips. They were awesome to deal with. Best customer service.
    Back when I bought mine, there were no other options, and even now with the options around I'd buy another.

    Rv3 is plenty comfortable for two. The 4 just goes back a little further and requires more pegs to do so.

    As for bulk, I find it not a problem. My roof rack is fair bit taller than me and I can comfortable Chuck it up and over the side rails.
    I've had to buy a new bag recently because mine was trashed. I actually went the rv4 bag. And now it's awrsome to pack away, and side walls fit too.

    I don't believe you'll be disappointed. Especially with the flat Front which butts up to an awning nicely for an extra Wall.
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