Tirfor winch


I inherited this winch when I bought my last house, so I decided to see if it works. I think Noah used it on the Ark.
Can anyone give me a clue on its operation. I looked up the net & can find nothing on this model. All the descriptions mention a safety lever on the side, which this one doesn't have.





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If Noah had it it must have worked as he finished his boat. Looks like one I used about 25 years ago to recover a land rover and the side of a hill. The side is main cable pulling lever and the lever in the slot is the locking and unlock cable, not sure the other item is but could be a safety.

I haven't used one since then either.


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Brian is correct (as usual :D) the tirfors came with the land rovers when you purchased them. Not sure if they still do ? knowing moderm customer service probably another option to purchase :(

that thing looks strong enough to pull the ark so look after it and it'll look after you on the tracks.

could do with a some oil but it appears nothing but the car will break if you use it to pull the rig out


The T lever releases the jaws so you can feed the cable through.The lever with Tirfor stamped on it changes the direction of the cable. The lever on the side moves back and forward, as you move it, the jaws open and the cable feeds through, as another set of jaws close.