Tips and Tricks


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Over time, I have heard of a lot of tips and tricks that could have helped me, and others, in various situations. Billolga wrote the one below on a trip report where we had a jeep that would not start.

If you have any tips or tricks, maybe just add them here and we might just come up with a pretty comprehensive list.

If you run a wire from the starter solenoid "Up near the battery" - Turn the key on & touch the battery "+" you can bypass the electronics (Works in a GQ Patrol to BYPASS AN IMMOBILISER!!! - Simpson Desert - AND a GU Automatic with a faulty relay - THAT was mine).

The Patrol will then drive in LIMP MODE - 2 nd gear forward or reverse only.

The NRMA in NSW did this to get me to a service centre. Probably work in a Jeep too.

If we get a few, maybe one of the moderators could 'sticky' this thread so it stays near the top :)