TIPM gone bad


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Has anyone else ever had a TIPM go bad in their JK wrangler?

It happened on Saturday, I was driving and suddenly, out of nowhere, my wipers started up full speed, spraying water and everything. While this is all happening, my radio was turning on and off, full volume, and the horn went off for a few seconds. It was ridiculously hilarious, it was like my car was possessed or something. People were passing me by with wide-eyes and open mouths.

I've had some accessory lights installed in. I thought perhaps the problem could somehow originate from there. I can't find them anywhere online but they look like these https://www.amazon.com/Vont-Flashlight-Flashlights-Water-resistant-Accessories/dp/B089T8HDBV

I parked and immediately got out of the car. That's when I found out that it's a problem with the TIPM.... It's a pretty expensive problem to solve too.

Has anyone ever experienced this? What happened and how did you get it fixed?
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