Time to hit the road


La Nina is over and the forecast now is for average rain in the next few months before it may come back again.
We'll be heading to the Pilbara in August. With all the recent rains I hope that it will be a wildflower bonanza. Highlights include Karajini, Ningaloo, Pinnacles. Anyone else planning to use this window of opportunity?

La Niña officially over, but Bureau of Meteorology says it might be back in spring


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I am flying back up to Darwin tomorrow to pick up my ute and are heading for the Gibb River Road, Pilbara and Ningaloo :)


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Sitting in Charleville tonight, quick unplanned run with the kids. Drying out nicely but still plenty of wet spots.


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I'm friends with a couple currently at Kakudu who are both down sick and isolating with covid in their caravan. They caught it on a cruise up there. Be aware it's still very much around to crap on your holiday if your luck is bad. They're actually not well at all. None of it would stop me from going though, here's hoping your luck is good. :)