Time for a Delica....

So. The hunt is finally over for the 4wd that will stir the most trouble possible.
I've leaned towards the delica due to the sheer amount of space inside, half decent 4wd ability and pure Jap factor. I was looking at a troopy for a while, but I've always been after something a bit special.

I've scouted the market and the delica forums, and settled on one of the L400 Series Turbo Diesel auto's with the High top roof.
Gives me the room to have a bed inside, fridge setup and still have room to store my gear.

I've been hunting for a long wheel base one, which gives me more room in the rear and may also allow me to retain 2 of the back seats as they flip around and oppose the front seats. But I'm worried about the hit on 4wding that the longer wheel base will have.

Here's one i've been eyeing up for now, already has a longer range fuel tank and some of the modcons.

Anyone have their 5cents to add, always up for some constructive feedback.
I've had a view of some of the problems with radiator tanks and the usual issues with jap vehicles having wound back odos.
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I don't know much about the Delica. But when I lived in Africa used to see heaps of these in the bush touring. Especially in Namibia. A friend of a friend had one where he had installed a cargo barrier after the second row of seats. Drawers, fridge and the lot at the back. The second-row seats were replaced with a bunk style sleeping area.

If I am not mistaken, these come with the same engine, tranny and drive train as a Pajero.

If it is touring you are looking to do, think this will make a great vehicle.


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Looks like a decent unit, price is maybe a little high but not too far off the mark if condition is good. Things to look for...
- Like most grey imports, cooling is not the best for Aus conditions. I had a 40mm alloy radiator and larger water pump installed...after shelling out for a new head! Very common issue. Many have had trans coolers fitted also.
- Fuel pump - inevitable failure. Make sure it has had the seal kit replaced.
- As you said, short wheelbase is better for off road, though, even kitted out well, they are never going to be a rock-hopper.
- I ditched the steps (did not make me popular!) as they act as ploughs in the sand.
- Narrow track can be a bit limiting. Combined with high roof and you will feel as though you are tipping over all time! You won't (well, you might if you push it TOO far).
- As stated, can't trust the odo. General condition will be your best guide. I purchased from an agent in Japan and had it shipped, but even then you couldn't be certain. Had ours for seven years. Other than the pump (which I expected and had already planned to replace) and the disaster with the head (at Airlie beach, on the way back from the Tip- could have picked a worse place to break down I suppose) it was brilliant.

Great unit for travel, mine took us lots of places (Vic High Country, Cape York, Darwin and around the centre, Coffin Bay etc.). Very capable in sand, not bad off road with a lift (I had body and suspension) and some taller tyres. A locker helps too. I love the 4wd system in the Mitsubishi's.
The Delica Forum is a fantastic group to join, they have answers to questions you hadn't thought of. As well as a great database of parts and fixes.
That one is a series 2, the Japanese Army story is just that.