Tim Brooke - Taylor


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Tim Brooke - Taylor from "The Goodies" passed due to COVID-19 .


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They were great childhood entertainment,
RIP, Tim.
Sterling Moss, is another that past in recent days. RIP.
We really should bring back some of those politically incorrect shows, The goodies, Kenny Everett, Benny Hill we've become a puss sack of multiple genders and law suites.


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Love Thy Neighbour
The Three Stooges
Kingswood Country
Just to name a few
Get some culture, back into the gene poole. Instead of these sterile, half baked politically correct muppets of the last decade or so.
Can't figure why where not all dress in white yet, probably won't be long thought.
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Rusty Panels

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Loved the Goodies. Was sad to hear about Tim.
Was Ecky Thump a take on A Clockwork Orange?
I seem to remember a bit of a clockwork orange twist but feel it was mainly martial arts and movies in general. Kung Foo movies were all the rage and they jumped on the bandwagon with the ancient Scottish martial art of "Ecky Thump". I think it was Bill Oddie who was going back to his Scottish heritage in a spin off of the African American show "Roots" The character at the beginning of the show's name was "Kunta Kinte". Bill's Scottish ancestors name was "Kinda Kinky". Their Scottish answer to "Roots" was "Hoots". That's where "Ecky Thump" began.
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Been years since I’ve heard anything about the Goodies... good memories

But on a side note... one of The Goodies (Bill) could be mistaken for a fella that drives around in a DMAX and works for 4WDAction I reckon...

Just sayin...


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Sad. Loved the Goodies, I missed this news, worse still the corona getting him, before vaccinations were an option.