tigerz11 winches anyone got one


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fantastic winch, the 2 speed style is awesome. Never had a problem with mine, just remember as with any winch you must use it weekly so that it doesn't seize up and not work when you do need it. You only need to run it out then back in, and then once a year get the internals greased.


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i have 1, in a box in the shed, hop to have it on soon.
Won it on 4wd action. so i am also interested on how good they are.

road rat

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they look great i will be getting one soon but i will be buying from a dealer close buy if you go on tiger11 web site they will let you know where there is one near you that way you dont have to worrie about freight and can gett help if you need it, better to go local


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I bought mine directly a couple years ago and am extremely happy with it for what I paid... (I think it was $750 including a recovery kit back then!)