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okay I have a need to tidy up all my wires to my positive battery post seeing I suffered a spot off power supply issue when cranking the other day, terminal was slightly loose but there are wires everywhere some I ( most came with the truck) have installed.

the list is 1. starter 4g
2. 2nd battery 4g
3. alternater 2x8g
4. engine relay/ starter relay 5x8g
5. spot light power 2x8g

this equals to a tangle of wires that require a clean up, there seems to a range of audio connectors and distribution blocks and I am heading this way but what have you guys done because I cant be alone with this problem :cool:


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Got a pic of what it currently looks like.

What I did was to run a heavy gauge wire to a fuse block ( 8 fuses ) that sits inside the passenger side kick panel high enough not to get into trouble if I get stuck in water. From this fuse block, I run leads to spotties, UHF, car radio, individual leads to anderson and standard cigarette lighter sockets etc etc. This way there is only one wire coming from the battery ( deep cycle / 2nd battery ) and it is pretty clean under the bonnet. It is also handy as everything is fused individually so not everything goes at once if you draw too much current / amps ( or whatever it draws, I am no expert ) and blow one of the fuses. Also using those fuses with the globe on top which helps is one of them blows, as there is always power to one side.

I dont run anything off the cranking battery except the stock electrics and this is hooked up to the Redarc isolator anyway which isolates it while there is still enough power to get the 4by going. ( I have changed the interior lights to run off the dual battery, as I have left doors open before which has caused me some grief. This way I dont need to worry, can sleep in the back of the car with the lights and radio on if I want and still power to start next day )

Hope this helps somewhat ( and makes sense ), happy to put up pics if you want.


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photos to follow , and I like the idea of a main block in the car, currently I have a fused block off the second battery in the old glove box.What size wire are you running back into fuse box?
And you said everything other than the crank was feed off the 2nd battery?
I have changed out all internal lights to Led save power plus you know if you have left them on during the day

photo would be good ,might help others wondering what to do too.:cool:
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On a Patrol GU the main battery is on the right with the Aux on the left -

ALL wiring for the main is on the right.

ALL the Aux battery wiring is on the left with a fuse block on the left side front wall, with ONE MAIN BATTERY LEAD running to a fuse (I can if I need switch anything including the fridge to the main if I need it)

With an 8 block any spare sockets have spare fuses.


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I run those big terminals that they use for car audio systems. About $20 a post. It has 2 x 2/4G and 2 x 8G outlets for + and -. I have then bolted 2 0G cables onto the mounting bolts. The terminal stays on tightly and is also very corrosion resistant. The ones from Jaycar come with a plastic cover that I have cable tied down.

4 Wire 2G+4G+2x8G Postive Terminal - Jaycar Electronics

For my stereo, HF radio and anderson plugs I have run a 4G cable from the engine bay to under the driver seat. I then have a car audio fused distribution block that runs 4G and 8G around the place. The distribution block I have is something like this one but without the breakers.

Circuit breaker 2 x 60amp - Jaycar Electronics

If you run large cable you should have a large fuse at the battery end. For mine I have a MAXI 120 Amp. Have never blown that one but it is there to stop a fire.