Thumper Twin Air Compressor install

Mr Rum

4x4 Earth Legend
and it wont take 30 mins to reinflate 4 tyres after letting them down.
Wouldn’t expect so.
These compressors are supposed to have a higher output than my little ARB one, and it gets each of my 32” tyres from 8psi to 40psi in around 2m 45s.
That’s 11 mintes for all four, plus the extra 30 seconds or so that it would run to fill my tank before I start on the tyres.
Just a quick update on the performance of my Thumper Twin install... It is working perfectly, and consistently! Kids bike tyres, motorbike tyres, re-inflates after beach trips are all a matter of plugging the hose into the rear bumper and flicking the switch on the dash - easier and quicker than a trip to the servo or mucking around with the 240v compressor.
I did blow a section of the Bunnings air hose a few months back, but had enough slack to cut it out. I carry spare, but if it happens again I will replace the lot with better air hose.
In comparison with a mate with similar sized and pressure tyres, it was more than twice as quick (he has the 150L/hr single piston generic eBay compressor).
I still carry my Thomas Blue Tongue in the back of the car as back-up - for how long ????
I foolishly lent mine to my son who eventually gave it back to me broken.
The non-return valve in the air hose was cooked.
He later admitted he'd aired up 6 vehicles in a row without turning it off!
I replaced the hose, fittings and valve with a custom built airline courtesy of EnZed.
Bloody hose cost more than the Thumper!
It's now bullet proof.