Three old Patrols with low mileage


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I just thought I'd point these out, should anyone be in the market for some old cars that look to be in good condition, but I don't really know. All I've seen is the photos. I expect they'd be in good nick because they'd want to be, being fire trucks. These vehicles would need to start whenever you needed them. They'd need to be in good repair because during a fire you'd want reliability. But you'd have to like red. If you have a property you might be able to keep them as their intended purpose, or remove the fire fighting gear, sell it, and you've got yourself a low mileage old ute.

1994 Nissan Patrol 22,616 kms
1994 Nissan Patrol 79,093 kms
1993 Nissan Patrol 54,252 kms

Here's the link for one. You'll find the others if you go there. It's an auction site. So, you'll have to be quick if interested.