Thoughts on 05-08 Hilux as weekend 4WD?

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200,000km in an '08 is about 20,000km/year
200,000km in an '05 is about 15,000km/year

Personally, I prefer something that has done 30,000+km/year, but that is based on a car I had that was 7 years old with 170,000 miles (270,000km ish) on it when I bought it. I'd get in it and drive to the South of France from the NW of the UK quite happily in it (in fact, in the 3 years and 55,000miles I put on it, it did that trip 3 times)

As others have said, a RC Rodeo/Colorado/Dmax (whatever they were called that week) with an Isuzu diesel in it will be a good option - they're hard to kill...

With the Ford Ranger, the PJ/PK cab is the same as the older Ford Courier PE (I think) cab, which is why it feels cramped, it's a much older cab design.

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if your mechanically minded and are confident , the D4D is a good engine
just be aware of the injector issues
they are a wearing part and should be replaced around 120k to 150k or even sooner
drive in drive out they cost around $3700 with the EGR clean & suction control valve ( or around $2400 in parts to do your self)
stay with the factory size tyres to help with economy and load on the drive train
i know someone in SA that has a BT50 for $21k has 180k on the clock


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@Noel Preston have you ever owned a Hilux ??
I'm interested to hear how your Landcruiser "fell apart" ??
As you probably know i have a Hilux that has almost done 500,000 kms and have had no issues , I wouldn't buy any other dual cab but thats the good thing about forums is you get both sides of the story .
Plenty of Hilux's on the road with those sort of kilometres on them , can't say I've heard of many other brand duel cabs with that many K .
There's a reason Toyota's hold their value , they are built to last, can handle hard work and are reliable .


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That generation of Hilux was the country’s best selling vehicle for about 10 years in a row, like any vehicle they have their shortcomings and by pure odds of numbers sold you will hear horror stories but there are lots more satisfied customers like Bomber
When I sold mine it had 160,000 k on it and was 5 years old and still sold it for more than what they were selling brand new Tritons for.
Yes you will pay a premium for them new or second hand but they hold their value better than the rest