Thought I'd make it all official.........4.2TD Nissan Patrol GU 1999


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Time to update................4.2TD Nissan Patrol GU 1999

Thought I'd make it all official.........4.2TD Nissan Patrol GU, 1999

Good Points
Bit early to say what makes this a great trig, get up & go would be one thing.

Bad Points
Damn hard to get rid of the Death wobble (I may have conqured it now though)

What mods have you done?
She came with Ironman suspension 3", Mandrel 3" exhaust, Tricked up (stage 1 upgrade) Turbo. Rhino roof rack, ROH alloys, ARB steel bull bar. JVC Head unit with clarion blue three way speakers. Eonon DVD player 7" Screen attached to a 17" Roof Mount Monitor for the kids, Narva Spotties, Tigerz11 Winch, Powerful4x4 wheel carrier, ROH Vilan Mags, BFG 285 AT's, Roof Carrier (cage), HM Rear Drawers. Lock Rite Lokkas, Heat exchanger (hot water for showers), Dual Battery system, rear power supply, Rear Camera, Uniden 500S UHF. SuperPro Trailing arm bushes.
What mods are on the list to do?
UHF install (done), Spotties (done), Roof rack cage (done), rails & steps(sliders on the way), Steel rear bar(done), BFG Tyres (done), Winch (done)

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Very tidy (near new condition), some mods already, price.

How often do you go offroad?
As often as possible average twice a month

What will your next vehicle be?


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Welcome to the second class vehicle club, Niss niss niss Well I tried to say it "TOYOTA'S RULE"


Time will tell. The mantle of the golden one is up for grabs. Maybe, with unthinkable consequences. :confused: