Thomas 8000lb electric winch

Stephen Smith

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I've just come into a Thomas 8000lb electric winch. I can't get the clutch lever to engage, seems to be jammed. Spool spins although a bit stiff and motor spins OK. Has anyone got a manual and/or an exploded parts diagram.
I don't want to start taking it apart unless I have some idea of how it works and what to expect. Any information appreciated.


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There's not much in an electric winch, just take photos as you disassemble it to help with reassembly. The only part that might warrant caution would be the breaking mechanism, it should be easily identified and probably best left untouched.


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As dno67 said, start slowly and photo everything, you will probably find most of your problems are in the end cap, should only need a degrease and a good greasing and your set. I do a partial service on mine every year and still going strong after 17years