Things to put in your First Aid Kit


ant bits

Green ant bite tip. crush a panadol tablet ,wet it to make a paste then apply to bite , instant relief . This is good if you have young children that are screaming with pain.

Another good tip for ant bites eg: bullants ect is to use a piece of new growth Bracken and break the stem and rub it on the bite, works a treat. CHEERS


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good one grumpy didnt know that one does it just work onant bites or would it work on other bites and stings

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sterile surgical gloves, plastic bags, eye pads, gel bandaids, scissors,
for sydney people who want to set up a first aid kit try Aussie first aid supplies 96748455 I got my kit through them and it was a better equipped and cheaper kit than the others I have seen, my kit with a couple of personal extra's I added set me back $92 it is in a soft carry bag with a waist strap.


I saw a few guys on the trails (they were camping) yesterday - in the back of one of the rigs my missus spotted a blow up doll. I figured they must dress her up in a nurses outfit and explain her as part of their first aid kit.

I also carry that handcleaner / antibacterial gel - you don't need water and if you get injured while working on the rig while out & about, it gets the grease and dirt off easy, cleans the wound, and tape (or band-aid) sticks better.
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I carry tampons in my first aid kit as im a bow hunter and the tampon seems to be just the right size to plug a arrow wound :cool:


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Maybe you're holding the bow backwards.

No no no i have the bow the right way that’s not my body slumped on my bonnet he had no tampons :eek::rolleyes::cool:


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Another good tip for ant bites eg: bullants ect is to use a piece of new growth Bracken and break the stem and rub it on the bite, works a treat. CHEERS

I can vouch for this one. I was mauled by about 50 bullants when i was about 7. My uncle was on hand and being the bushman he was, knew about this so he rubbed the bites with bracken. Worked wonders. I still don't like bullants......:mad:



Bracken, ferns etc.. are also great for boils where the same method is applied by not just rubbing the new growth on but actually dress the boil with it and leave for 24 hours, this will draw out all the gross stuff (pus). This has also worked with white tail spider bites.


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I carry tampons in my first aid kit as im a bow hunter and the tampon seems to be just the right size to plug a arrow wound :cool:

Inkpig, great but only on the outside under a pressure bandage or held on wound by hand as blood clot device - don't push them into the wound, they tend to swell, not good !!

Also feminine hygiene pads are excellent, use them as or under a pressure bandage, good thing is that many are individually sealed so great for putting directly over a wound.


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The list is cool Patriot.
Had to do first aid on the job once and only thing to hand was a disposable nappy, absolutaly amazing how much blood it didn't absorb. No15 wound dressing works a treat, have them in my kit and they will cover most nasties.
Also good if the lady in your life gets caught short.


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Hi guys, not a medic here, but i was a choco for 3 years, and have 7 years emergency serice experiance with two different emeergency services in Victoria. Im not an ambo eaither lol. However as an experianced and qualified first aider, i think you couldnt place a high enough importance on pre-pairing for such an event when you are in a remote area. If we can pay for tyres, bull bars and snatch straps, surely we could all afford to do a first aid course and purchase a first aid kit. In victoria first aid courses can cost as little as $150, and ambulance victoria have a fantastic MEGA first aid kit for $129. Its a small price to pay for potentially saving someones life. Its peace of mind, and it can even attract a higher wage at your job, so it will pay for itself!! I think you need to think about the potential dangers of where you are going before a trip. and 9 times out of 10, you will find us 4x4ers in the bush. Ants, beez wasps snakes spiders, its all out there. If your organising a trip, ask this question, DOES ANYONE NEED TO, OR CARRY AN EPI PEN? Anapelactic shock can kill in minutes. Make sure these people have an epi pen, and if your going out bush, you would probably want more than 1, as an epi pen only delays the reaction for 15min or so. I believe you can now purchase epi pens with out doctors subscription, its expensive at about $70 a pen, however if your serious about saftey, you would buy one. And who knows, it might be you needing one for the first time out there!!! We all use rated recovery points because its safe, invest the money in becoming a senior first aider, and purchasing a decent first aid kit. The list is fantastic, but just think about what common dangers are where you're going, and make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked up everytime you go out!!


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We carry two small(easy to pack), but comprehesive kits. One thing we carry that I've not seen on this thread, is Cicatrin powdered antiseptic. In damp or humid conditions one of the hinderances to healing is keeping the wound dry and this stuff does a great job.


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There are some good bargain deals on ebay, when shopping for a first aid kit, check them out. (I just bought mine on ebay)


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if you cant afford to buy splints ive used anything from cut down plastic soft drink bottles to news papers folded up & taped/ bandaged into place for fractures. panadol/ nurofin are also handy to have in the kit for pain relief these are all generally found in most peoples camping kits and work a treat & working as an ambo ive found these to be just as good as the store bought ones