Things to put in your First Aid Kit


Here is a list of things that you should think about putting in your First Aid Kit. First Aid Kits are one of those things that many people don't put a lot of effort into until they actually need one. The amount of gear in there should be dictated by the difficulty of driving you will do, the remoteness of the place you are going and the length of time you will be out for. Don't forget that if things do go pears, an ambulance may be quite a long way away, so having a few well chosen things in your First Aid Kit may save the day.

Basic first aid manual (from Red Cross or St John Ambulance)
Antiseptic fluid (Betadine, Dettol or similar)
Antiseptic cream (Betadine or similar)
Eye drops
Assorted bandaids, strips/spots, wound closures
Elastic or crepe bandages (for sprains and snake bite)
Sterile gauze bandages (50 mm & 75 mm)
Triangular bandages (to support limbs and hold dressings in place)
Adhesive tape, cotton wool, tissues
Scissors, safety pins
Calamine lotion, Stingose or similar
Pencil and note pad

To that you can add many items

Antihistamine tablets
Itch/skin relief cream (for itch, bites, minor burns)
Anti-diarrhoea tablets (or mixture)
Gastrolyte - for treatment of diarrhoea
Travel sickness tablets
Andrews tablets, or similar, for indigestion
Ear drops
Temporary tooth filling mix to replace fillings, loose caps
Nyal toothache drops
Burn cream
Cream/ointment for bruises and swelling due to injury
Strepsils or similar
Tweezers, splinter remover
Rubber pointed eye probe, eye wash
Methylated spirits
"Airsplint" (for any broken limbs)
Personal medication or tablets

Hopefully you wont need to use any of this :)

Thanks to Extremeofflimits

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Snake bite kit would be covered by the crepe/elastic bandage and a splint

As most of us travel with a fridge, carry one of those gel packs, or get an instant ice pack, Good for sprains and strains.



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First Aid Kits

The addition of a firts aid kit to your vehicle is important, but the kit needs to be appropriate to the trip and items contained therein should be indate and replaced when used.

I did 21 years in the Army Medical Corps (Medic) and this is a topic close to my heart.

First aid training is also very important, no use having a great kit if you cant use it when needed.

Patriot Has put up a great list



I always keep matches or a lighter in my kit and a reflective foil "thermal" blanket can also come in handy. A friend of mine keeps sweets in his as some members of the family are diabetic and may need to up their sugar levels at times. It always pays to let the people you are travelling with know about any issues with your health so that they know what to do in an emergency.


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Thanks for the advice Patriot. i will be sure to make a first aid kit as currently we are going out with little to no first aid supplies. Might not include everything in the list but sure will include most. Thanks again



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Need first aid training in Brisbane


Peter Felton ex army medic with all the qualifications on 0411047407

He can train individuals or small to medium groups

Mention extreme limits offroad and he will look after you


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Green ant bite tip. crush a panadol tablet ,wet it to make a paste then apply to bite , instant relief . This is good if you have young children that are screaming with pain.


Hey there Stoney, I didn't think the snake bite formular using a splint was still in use, I thought it went out the window years ago? Being up to speed with the new changes being made to the way u administer first aid is another important thing as well. Also why don't U consider a thread for return service people on this site if u think it would be appropriate, I bet there are a lot of them out there that are into 4 wheel driving. CHEERS