The towing thread


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I love my new dash Cam and am currently practicing for my next trip where I should get lots of movies of scary caravan, trailer, truck, drivers.
Every day I see scary stuff on the roads, even around where I live, so I can't wait to get further out to pick up the idiots on my travels. I mean I do see about five idiots a day around home , so looks like we may need more cops on the road.:eek:.
Here is a practice video , got a couple more, not to do with towing yet, but hey, that will come :).
Don’t you love that!


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Make you wonder if some caravan/trailer manufacturers know some of those usefull formulas at the bottom of that link. Very handy when thinking about where to put or mount your loads within the trailer
Personal opinion, I reckon the majority of caravan/camper trailer manufacturers have no clue whatsoever.


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Might be a Land Rover thing...

Kybong, not much there except a dodgey caravan park... and a Matilda servo...


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What about this ripper.



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108m long.
I'm not sure whether they change to combo to suit conditions,
looked like it was last traveling 3 upfront 2 at the rear. Not like in
the video.
There's a short video in this link showing the combination in action.


There taking it through Lonsdale st Dandy on route to Dingley village/bypass
tonight. Should be in Dandy between 10pm and 12midnight.