The towing thread


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Not as impressive as Ricks, but potential for the same result or worse.


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That's what's called reaching critical speed.... also known as being an impatient dumb arse. Good way to potentially kill a couple car loads of people.

That is the Kings Highway that links Canberra to Batemans Bay on the South Coast ( distance of about 140 km). People don't care about other road users and woe betide anyone that gets between them and their speedy arrival on the coast. By far the worst culprits for overtaking over solid white lines and around blind corners, speeding and tailgating are the Canberra drivers


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Nothings gunna stop me from having this holiday, even if it kills me !
Entitlement ?
I can see a new raft of OH&S stickers coming in the not so distant future.


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Only speculating. l think it was a combination of poor driving conditions and possibly panic braking, causing the trailer to steer the patrol. Tandem only had a few kg of loose treated pine post in it, sweeping down hill bend and pouring rain and override brakes on the trailer. Heaviest rain we've had for months. Harkaway to officer (about 15klm) took over an hour yesterday arvo.