The Terrorists Vehicle of Choice.


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How dare they not buy models that rolled out of Detroit:mad:!

Just because they are rare in the US, not so much in the rest of the world.

If the NT, NQ and WA revolted, guessing their vehicle of choice would be a 'Cruiser.

Not like it is new news either:

Somalia in the '90's


Also Libya


But, if you can't afford a Toyota, then you might have to go with an up-armored Nissan..


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Can you imagine what firing those AA guns does to these vehicles?
Lots of repairs involving welding I reckon.


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There is still the option of 1HZ in other markets. Apparently underground hard rock mines use the 79 series with 1HZ as well.

Yeah knew that with the 70 series didn't know about Hiluxs thou. I still see 70series with the 1hz coming into Oz but Left hand drive for the mines.