The Pat v Roothy saga, funny video


After comments made in Unsealed4x4 emag by Pat a video has emerged. It kept disappearing from Youtube but I found it and uploaded it to my own page, i did not make this video and have no idea who originally did but damn it's funny.

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That is brilliant! I can see these guys playing who's more clever than who game.

Anyways, I have shirts to go starch...haahaa!


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Just came across this on fb.
I've seen the same clip used for other things, so no points for originality, how ever it made me crack up laughing. Very clever.


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Haha very funny.

Something was fishy about Pat's timing with his editorial though. roothy left 4WD Action in the very early part of this year (and it's fair to say he wanted to change direction from track wrecking) and Pat's left it until now to have a stab?

I'm suss on that and this video goes a long way to proving me right haha


It is definitely livening things up a little. Whoever it was knows a bit about the industry and there are some fairly interesting barbs in there.