the new ride: 2018 Nissan Frontier pro4x manual transmission

Last week I went in and ordered my new truck (it's my first ever new vehicle purchase). Because it was a manual transmission model, and those are "unobtanium" here in Texas, the dealership had to order it from colorado. It arrived weds 7/25 and I picked it up that afternoon.

It's a 2018 CC Frontier Pro4x package w/manual transmission. The first time I hopped in the truck it had 10 miles on the odo. So far I am loving the truck and can't wait to build it out and take it on adventures.

During my at-home inspection, I found the factory build sheet still attached to the inside of the front bumper (see photo).

I'm going to drive it for at least 6mo before I start installing mods (at least major mods) so I can learn what it needs to suit my style of 4x4-ing. When the time comes, I will be looking to build out a 4x4 tourer style of truck (one that can handle a variety of off-roading conditions (not rock crawling's not my thing) and still be comfortable for on-road trips as well).

Below is a lost of mods I would like to do in the future, let me know if y'all can recommend anything else (or have any ideas for vendors). I'm always open to new ideas. Thanks

(this list is in no particular order but pricier stuff probably won't happen right away)
front bumper replacement w/winch (ARB or shockworks probably. I like the ARB because it has antenna mounts on the top bar)
-rear bumper replacement (kaymar imports bars w/tire carriers into the US & I'm considering one of those because I want a rear tire carrier)
-ultraguage mounted on A-pillar
-rock sliders (I haven't decided on a brand at this point)
-truck bed topper (are/leer/etc)
-extend all breathers (axles, trans, x-fer case)
-overhead console (similar to this: Car Consoles & 4WD Storage Drawers - Department of the Interior - overhead consoles, roof consoles, custom built consoles, 4WD interiors, storage systems, vehicle consoles, radio console, dashboard pod, four wheel drive.)
-CB & ham radios (I have my ham license. I might install a quad-band radio to save space but it depends on price)
-185W 9in cree led driving lights (I used these on my work truck and was pleased with them. here is a link to my post about them w/pics and videos (
-front recovery points (the rears will come w/whatever rear bumper I install)
-some kind of switch system (I'm leaning towards a galls street commander. I used one of these in my old patrol unit and was pleased with how easily it functioned, and wired up.
-stronger skid-plates
-a Jeep dash bar modified for the frontier so I can mount stuff w/out turning my truck into swiss cheese (

some "maybe mods" in the future:
-a small lift or stronger springs to compensate for the bumpers, once installed
-maybe a snorkel... I like how these trucks look w/snorkels and I like the ability to get clean air especially out here in dusty west TX but I'm still undecided
-possibly on-board-air if I move the rear tire to a tire carrier bumper
- I wouldn't mind having an awning but I don't know if I'll ever use one. I'm going to take it on a few trips before buying to see if I even need one.



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Once you've fitted front and rear bars with sliders, I think you'll be needing to fit a suspension upgrade. The nissan navara over here are very soft in the suspension area, almost car like.


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I think you will find pretty quickly that a suspension lift particularly after the addition of some accessories is required, they are quite low slung from the factory. With a good quality suspension lift and under body protection they are a very capable little rig despite what the Toyota fanboys try to have you believe. Mine has been a great 4x4 for the almost 5 years I have had it.
+1 to prioritise the suspension upgrade. They are low and loooong so you run out of ramp-over pretty quickly.

My other suggestion would be to go through the cooling system and find every plastic connector, joiner, T-piece, Y-piece etc and replace them with stainless, rubber or something else as appropriate. A mate of mine lost an engine because a plastic T-piece broke and dumped all the coolant after a few thousand km of corrugated roads.

Other than that they are good things from what I've heard. I take it yours is the 4.0 V6 petrol (gas)?