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The MU-X TYRE thread ! ...or DMAX ;-)

Discussion in 'MU' started by lurkr, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Luckys_Mux

    Luckys_Mux New Member

    Thanks Konazz, wanted to be sure before handing over the $ on 5 tyres and finding out it doesn't fit! I might get the tyre shop to test fit one under the back before I book it in just to be safe, the BFG website says 804mm diameter so should fit. ;)
  2. konazz

    konazz New Member

    Speak to your tyre shop and let them know if anyone orders one, can you do a test fit befre they get fitted up onto the other car
  3. Anthony McLeod

    Anthony McLeod New Member

    Did you ever find out whether the 275/70/R17 would work an MU-X (wheel well and spare)?
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  4. Damos mux

    Damos mux New Member

    Any luck weather 32s fit the Mux boys??
  5. Sonny Smith

    Sonny Smith New Member

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