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After LOTS of Bush travel, we have turned into the LAZIEST DAMNED COOKS you could find!

* We carry HEAPS of those packet sauces & cook ALL of the nights meal in ONE POT. (Very little washing up - 1 pot - 2 plates & 2 x knifes forks & spoons)

* For trips up to a week we only carry FROZEN VEGIES in a NORMAL refrigerator. They keep for a week & you don't have to worry about those "VEGIE NAPPERS" at the border.

* Fozen Prawns - Fish - Chicken Kiev etc will keep up to a week at normal fridge.

* Cryovak Noodles are great - Just poor boiling water on them & you have noodles for Spag. Bol. or for Asian food.

* To thaw out anything frozen there is NOTHING LIKE THE TOP OF THE ENGINE INTERCOOLER! - Stick the food on top just after you stop & CLOSE THE LID!

* If you ACTUALLY cook for the night, cook 2 MEALS & put one in a Press seal bags (Lunch size) & you have spare meals for when you get REALLY LAZY.

We have Ialian food with a Japanes influence with a hint of China at times (CALLED LEFT OVERS!)


Good suggestions there Billolga, I usually take a piece of steak without bones like rump etc & a couple of coleslaw/potato salad type mixes from the supermarket. It makes an easy meal without much cleaning & very little rubbish. I also take those small pre packed salads with a couple of slices of ham for lunches. Also very easy when on the trail.




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Shuttle Chef and dreampot are similar. Depending on the trip it could a few rolls, cold chook and beer. Maybe some chips. On the family camping, I bring good meals for the days activities. That would be a scaled down version of cooking at home.