The kings 270 awing


I've got the kings 270 and have to admit it been pretty good so far. Only used it a hand full if times but can have it set up in a minute or 2, and pack up takes a little longer.
The quality seems ok but the main hinge at the back where it all pivots from is a little flimsy imo compared to say a darche for example but other than that it's ok. Iv added some 12 light strip to it which works a treat and lights up the covered area well.
I paid $430 with an awning wall thrown in so Not bad value . Would i buy another one, not sure but if a get a few yrs out of it then I'm happy I guess.


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Is there any awning which attaches to the right side(driver side)? I have a ladder attached to the roof rack on the left side.


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Most have an LH/RH option. E.g:


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