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Hi all,
I run a Hilux with a 2.8 desiel, 31in tyres motor is still in good condition the only mod is extractors and bigger exhaust but it just doesn't have enough legs and i find i'm constantly changing down gears with foot pushing through the fire wall i know it doesn't help with bigger tyres on the car but i would like a little more under peddle for the real tuff stuff, i do a fair bit of offroad action and it does vary mud, sand and snow just the good stuff.

Now the thought of a hairdryer (Turbo) has entered my mind but a few of the guys i go away with have aftermarket turbo's and seem to have to pop the bonnet up often with things heating or breaking or the hand always deep in the pocket to fix something where's my old girl just keeps on chugging along and has been put through paces and touch wood has never let me down. After many a discussion on the matter they all say don't do it leave it standard she manages to get everywhere they do but just a tad slower, but as they say Slow and steady wins the race..

I guess i'm hoping someone out there could help with some advice or has done the turbo thing or been through the experience, is it really worth the experence or am i constantly going to have the hand in the pocket or i don't want a constant headache of thing's always breaking due to the extra pony's. The other option is for another car with a bigger motor but i don't want to do that at this stage i'm very happy with the old girl, If i was to turbo her i would go a Mitsubishi Tdo4 or someone mentioned a factory turbo of the 2.4 but i'm not sure about that one.......
Please if anyone could help me further.... Thankyou

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Hi Mate,

I had a 2.8 with a hairdryer. Makes a difference but you still need to go back through the gears on a big hill.

There are a few things you might like to know.

1) How many KM on the 2.8? They are know to spit a clutch once a turbo is fitted.
2) Ours had a head problem but we never fixed it - could be from the turbo could not be who knows. My old man never had a problem and he put a turbo on his 2.8.

Other than that a very capable rig we were happy with our 0 only reason we sold was it was going to cost $7500 for a new donk. We ended up selling the Hilux nad another ute and ended up with at GU ute insteaed.



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adivce with the idea hairdryers (turbo) forced induction is always gonig to lead to problems even more so when you add on after xxx,xxx amount of kms. not only was the car not designed to deal with the power or strain of forced induction but your donig it after its already worn.....iv heard diesels deal with them better but still id say after a couple of 100 thow, it'll end up causeing problems in the long run.
iv owned a few turbo charged cars and in the end they end up costing money unless you buy one factory built ... eveb then you want more power and tinker with them and again more $$$$$$$ is needed to fix them.. once heard a conversation between 2 mechanics " whats wrong with it ?"... " its got onr big problem attached to it "


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i had a big long thought about doing it to my BJ70 but decided its just not worth it the $$$$ weighed up next to the age of the car with consistent maintiance if i fitted one just would nt be worth it , by the time you get the kit get it fited dynoed + repair cost from the extra power (hopefully not a rebuild as it might be costly been a diesel) doesnt work out i just decided to deal with the no power factor till i can buy my new factory turbo charged 70 series
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