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The Gahn, the Long Journey Please help.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by rogerazz, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. rogerazz

    rogerazz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I read about this TV show and a couple of people said "What a great Movie, I got to see the whole trip on TV":eek:.
    I have been watching it on and off all day, in between doing lots of other things. Now for around four hours I have seen trees, red dirt, bushes, tracks, Train driver, some passengers, inside and outside of train and lots of other exciting, riveting stuff.:rolleyes:.
    I did see a sign go past that had a W on it. Was that for Water? West? Whittlesea? Weddeburn? What tha?:D.
    I have heard the saying that watching cricket is like watching paint dry, so I guess watching this show is probably like watching six cricket matches:eek:.
    If anyone out there is watching (started 5.00 a.m. finishing 8.30 p.m.) or has watched some of this show and have seen a camel? a dingo? a buffalo? a car? a dog? a human? a whatever?.. can you give me the hour, minute, second, so I can replay, please let me know.
    Apparently this is the start of the Australian "Slow TV"show.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:.
    Thank God I am still alive to be able to experience one of the most mind boggling ( or is that destroying) event that I have ever witnessed.
    Whew! Where is this technological world going to end up :rolleyes:
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  2. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Yeah I was watching it on and off today too... Think it will be a negative for the train ride..Booooooooring
  3. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    I have done the train trip and enjoyed it Will do it again one day
    I saw a bit of that show and WTF !!!! Apparently it is very popular, not sure how or why though
  4. loose cannon

    loose cannon Well-Known Member

    I just saw some sheep!
    Oh wait, that was an ad.:(

    Jokes aside, I'm liking it and it inspires me to make the journey. It's kinda like driving but I can stare out the window and soak it all in. And drink and drive:D
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  5. GaryM

    GaryM Well-Known Member

    I saw the show when it was heading through outer suburbs of I assume Adelaide. I was surprised at how long I watched before dosing off on the couch. Then watched some more when I woke up. I thought it started before 5, but maybe thats Qld time.

    Some train trips are good. I did the train thing to Cairns from Melb near 30 years ago. Melb-Syd, Syd-Bris that part was woeful. But the Sunlander was great. Good people, good train, nicer to move around on sit in the bar car. As above drink and play cards, backgammon or whatever and watch Qld pass by at upto 70 km/h, at times it felt I could walk faster. Bris-Cairns took I think 30 something hours.

    I imagine the Ghan to be like the Sunlander, much more enjoyable than the trains doing most capitals.

    My Grandparents used to like the Overlander (or was it Overland) to Adelaide too. It used to pass near their house in Goolwa.
  6. rogerazz

    rogerazz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Reminds me of going to the football at Waverly Park, MCG, etc. in the Corporate boxes. Great games that we watched on the TV monitors, drank heaps of Pi## , lots of top shelf stuff, all paid for by the employer. Geeze, what a great day.o_O.
    Oh yes! the Sandown Super V8's sitting on Dick Johnson's table sponsored by Repco and drinking Jim Bean all day, who was racing? who won? Yeah! love those days when you had no idea what was going on or what you saw, but hey, good meals, good drinks. Bit like the Gahn I reckon. Just like when I went cruising down the Rhine river for a couple of days. What country was that again???o_O.
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  7. Mr Rum

    Mr Rum Well-Known Member

    I can think of one possible reason... Train buffs.

    They simply can't get enough of anything to do with trains, and there are more of them out there than I thought possible before starting on the rail. They are so passionate about them that they'll even approach me at work and tell me all sorts of facts about the set I'm working... yes the individual set, not just the model...o_O
    I just nod.

    When I hear a steam train's whistle blow, I literally hide. It's like a warning that the real freaks are about to come out.:eek:
  8. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    Did you catch the part where the train driver scratched his nose? I think it will be on the highlights reel if you didn't. It was a superlative scratch yet subtle, it caught me by surprise. I couldn't tell if it was scripted or if he was adlibbing, either way it was a real action fest.
  9. loose cannon

    loose cannon Well-Known Member

    That be me then:D
    I worked on track and signal maintenance in the Pilbara many years ago, way back in the days when I had hair and all my own teeth.
    Loves me a good train:)
  10. billolga

    billolga 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Would you believe the first 3 hour part rated high so they showed the whole 17 hours in one go.
    Did I miss something while I was watching my grass growing?
    How much do we pay SBS a year?
  11. Noel Preston

    Noel Preston Active Member

    I was looking for a personal highlight trying to spot the place where I met Tim Fischer south of Alice Springs when he asked me for directions when I was unloading an excavator for the lines construction. I was disappointed as it all looked the same.
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  12. Blue_haired_man

    Blue_haired_man Well-Known Member

    It seems half of the users of this site were watching
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  13. Noel Preston

    Noel Preston Active Member

    I won't be watching the 17 hour version.
  14. Ranger_Scott

    Ranger_Scott Member

    Just wait until they release the director's cut showing extra footage that never made the original release!
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  15. Outrage

    Outrage 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I saw the advert, did that sum it up pretty well or should I watch the whole thing?
  16. rogerazz

    rogerazz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I did manage to hear the train blowing it's whistle a couple of times. Now that was worth waiting six hours to catch.
    I was so excited, I rewound that bit and played it over heaps.:D.
    Does anyone know if they will make a movie called " Boiling Water, The long wait for a cuppa"?
    Maybe youse blokes and shielas (ha ha gender neutral so as not to offend) can come up with a good Slow TV show for those incredible film makers to produce.o_O.
    So glad I get to see this stuff in my latter years, something I can share with my grand kids.:D.
  17. Noel Preston

    Noel Preston Active Member

    I don't want to be picky rogerazz but the most exciting part of the programme and these posts is that you spelt the name incorrectly, it's The Ghan. I am not normally a grammar Nazi but had to find something interesting to comment on, sorry.
  18. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Watched about 7 mins of it, found the clickity clack fascinating, wish i had of recorded it.
  19. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    I only watched about 5 minutes while channel surfing, the name immediately caught my attention but the show didn't. No worse than most of the other stuff on tv in my opinion.
  20. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    I saw it while channel flicking and thought there was something wrong with my TV as there was no one talking
    I soon worked out that that was it :confused:

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