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The Daily Bargain And Deals Thread

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by dno67, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Choook

    Choook Well-Known Member

  2. Choook

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  3. Choook

    Choook Well-Known Member

  4. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

    1.2L sealed kettle. More like its size is a 1.2L bottle size. Holds about 700ml.
    Ive used this kettle a few times now and Im giving it a big thumbs up.

    Fill it up and leave it on. It heats the water and then maintains the temp. I will normally have a few coffee, so I just re fill it for the next time.
    Water temps is HOT. Absolutely no spilling, so its perfect while on the bump trails
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  5. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    How long does it take to boil?
  6. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

    It says about 45mins. I haven’t timed it.
    The kettle can stay turned on. So I turn it on for the drive to the meeting point. Have a cuppa, top it up again. It’s ready for morning tea, lunch
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  7. Petunia

    Petunia Member

    what happened to a good old golden circle beetroot tin and a lump of brazing brass wire handle?
    then there was the good old stanley stainless thermos, rolling round the tray?
    Yes, a 12volt kettle looks good, again I overused my calculator, the 45 minutes times 120watt? while not as bad as driving with your lights on high beam, it equals your lights on low beam[depending on how standard they are]

    I over think, I can admit that, I can also see that a 12volt kettle is probably not suitable for static campers, unlike yourself who uses it while the engine is running. No beef with the item, nor yourself, there are always 2 ways to skin a dead cat, but it is still a dead cat.:D
  8. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

    Mine is connected to my aux batter. I’ve usd it before without the car running. Didn’t draw the battery down much after an hour. In says not that. It doesn’t run all the whole time, not in maintained mode anyway

    My electrical system in the Prado is a bit more overboard than the standard cars.
    Running 3 batteries ( 4 batteries if I’m using my evakool ridge rider fridge )
  9. silkwood

    silkwood Active Member

    Sounds just like the way we use the Travel Buddy oven- put it on 1.5-2hrs before we reach lunch or dinner stop, use only when driving. Not a solution for static camping (except when with power) but brilliant for in-transit. Saves stopping to buy garbage from the servo at an inflated price. I can see the kettle providing similar. Very useful.


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  10. PajRX

    PajRX New Member

    Picked up a straight handle shovel from Aldi in Greensborough today for $5. Fiberglass core wrapped in pvc. They still had about 15 or so. Not sure if they are complete rubbish or halfway decent, but hard to pass up at the price. 1 year warranty. I took a couple of pics but cant work out how to upload them..
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  11. Petunia

    Petunia Member

    Is it one of them new ones with a 3 piece folding handle, by any chance? :eek: see I got this huge roof top tent in the way of a shovel clamp on me roof rack, you see :rolleyes:
  12. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    No mate , standard shovel bloody good value . :)
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  13. Petunia

    Petunia Member

    erm, a hundred + for a folding, I do recall seeing them somewhere for $75?
    I could buy one of these and cut the handle off it and use it to cook me steak, like Harry Buttler in the Wild ... hell I could afford to buy 2 one spare, in case I lose the one with the cut off handle. :rolleyes:
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