The Best of 2008


Yeah yeah.... l'm being nosy....but l am a girl :p;):D

What has been the highlight/s for you and yours in 2008.

It would have to be meeting you Lee.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Seriously, moving to Rocky and having a great job in a beautiful place is one of the highlights.
On the other side of the coin, leaving family and friends behind in Brissy is the biggest low of the year. Miss you all.



LOL.....ditto Cliff

Well, theres a few for us....

* First and foremost has been all the wonderful people that have shared many hours, chatting, 4wdriving, camping and giving curry to myself and the man/child.
You have no idea how truly blessed we both feel to have you in our lives, you have made this past year such a fun and happy time during some quite dark hours.

* Watching the man/child transition from being a child to a teenager and coming out at the end of last year having learnt some very hard life lessons and taking them in his stride.

* Having the courage to finally leave my comfort zone and leave my job for another after many years of procrastinating.

* Becoming a committee member of our 4wd club and getting the Presidents encouragement award.

*My mum having the best Christmas she has had for many many years...finally.

and last but not least....having my car accident on the last day of the year so as this year didn't start on a bad note :D


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Some highlights:

Moving home from WA after working away for 10 months. Only seeing the family every 5-6 weeks was taking its toll on us all.

Meeting a great bunch of people whilst working in WA. Made a lot of really good mates there and drank an aweful lot of beer too.....

Finding out about this forum and meeting a great bunch of people both in the flesh and over the keyboard. Great lot to chat with, drink with and hang crap on.

Watching Rob Harvey play his last game of AFL football with my beloved Saints.

Buying my 80 series cruiser. A formidable weapon. Love it.

Some lowlights:

Writing off my Hilux while going fishing with my new mates in WA....:rolleyes: You can still write a car off without even crashing!! Saltwater does that..

Leaving a steady job in WA to come back to looking for work. Casual construction work isn't what it used to be.

Deciding not to move to Darwin. We should have done it, but may do it this year.

Can't think of much else. Things to look forward too this year:

Lots more 4wding, fishing, camping and i hope to get back into a bit of hunting.


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Highlights for 2008 (not)

Australian cricket team
Melbourne Storm
Geelong FC

Love my cats (although there was one game where highlights went missing :( ). At least the GFC will be a highlight again this year.

Other highlights -

putting the patio up.
getting the Terry.
Picking up my cats number plates for the Terry.


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Well I would have to say 2008 was a bit of a downer for me, but there was some highlights of corse. Meeting the crew from 4x4 earth and making great new friends, asking Elise to marry me and plannig our future together. :D

The hilux blowing the motor :eek: and Elise being in and out of emergency every couple of months.
My mum and my nan passing away was a huge loss. Sorting out my mums place at Cobram wasnt a very easy task. :(

Really looking forward to our new home and a great 2009.

A fresh start