Terrain Tamer?



What does everyone think of Terrain Tamer gear? Is it good stuff? Value for money? They seem to have a fair range of general 4WD products and it looks pretty rugger, just wondering what people real world experience with it has been?




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Value to dollars I think they are good. Good of the parts I needed they didn't supply and had to go back to Toyota. The parts they have are well below Toyota's price and appear to be as good or better. You have to be able to install yourself.


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Dont trust thier filters. The big names of Baldwin, Ryco, Fleetguard ect are subjected to far greater scrutiny and have passed every time.

Find your local filter WHOLESALER not just a stockist such as repco, supercrap, auto1, bursons ect.

I have gotten brand name stuff through TT at good prices but I wouldnt use any of thier own brand.


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I bough an equaliser stap from them, no problems. They helped me out with some spare parts for a hand I purchased elsewhere. I will have there phone number with me for over night express parts when I go to the cape...if it goes pear shape.

They seem to be big on service to me, and that's worth a lot to me these days. If there products were tragic they probably wouldn't still be in business.


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I ve used Terrain tamer gear for years .
There filters Ive never had a problem with ,ive had more problems with the square edged orings on ryco filters not sealing correctly .
There overhaul kits are of good quality and to date have always fitted and are always complete Im not sure about any one else but we get excellent service off don kyatts every time .
Recovery gear also is of ok quality


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I've used Terrain Tamer a few times now and never had a problem. They fitted the new diff to the back of the 'cruiser, and has never been a problem. Their spare parts prices are alot better than Toyota prices for the same parts. Service is very good. I will continue to buy from them.