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Hi all,
Anyone have any expierence with tent cots?
Looking at buying one for my road trip, as i like how easy they look to setup and pack down and the idea of not sleeping directly on the ground, like i would in a regular swag, and i really dont wanna set up and pack down a tent every day. (I have only ever camped in tents and trailers)
If anyone has experience with these id love to hear your thoughts! And also if you were able to keep your bedding inside or not? And if you added an extra mattress inside to help with comfort and cold.

Ill be travelling long term, so will need this thing to hold up in dead winter and summer in all parts of australia.

Looking at buying a kamp-rite oversized single cot.

Also any advice on what kinda bedding/sleeping bags youd recommend? For those nights that get below zero?



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I used an Oztrail cot tent for around 3 years and they are ok except not exactly waterproof because water pooled on the roof and leaked through in heavy weather. Also condensation can be a problem. Mine had so much use it started to get pretty battered up with the insect mesh getting a few rips, so I've since swapped it for a swag on a stretcher. Six of one half a dozen of the other over which is best. The swag is more waterproof. Sometimes I just roll the swag out on the ground, other times on the stretcher. I threw the swag foam out and use a 50mm self inflatable mattress instead, more comfortable and warmer. It's not such a tussle to roll them up if they are separate and you can fit them in the car better in my opinion.


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OK, no personal experience but have been researching for a while and what I have found is that the Jet Tent Bunkers are probably the best.
And of those, the standard size is apparently the better quality. Different materials used in the XL which do not breath as well. Again no personal experience.
A lot cheaper at resellers, for instance
Also look at their reviews and the FAQs for more info.
I am biased towards Drifta as have never heard a negative review of their stuff. They also sell the Jet Tent plus make a stronger canvas bag for it. Luke has done a video


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I haven't used one but don't think they would be robust enough for what you are after
I use one of those dome style swags which are really more like a mini tent
Mine is a two man 1.5w x 2.4 long so you have room to put your gear at the end
In the cold you can keep warm with it fully zipped up and in the hotter areas have the flaps rolled up and you are in a mesh dome with plenty of ventilation
It has a pvc tub floor as well

I use a bigger bag to carry it and leave our inflatable mattresses inside it when I roll it up


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If you intend using a cot tent or swag then life is a lot more comfortable if its under an awning or tarp. I've been out in the open with both when the weather has turned bad and its not good. At least with a tent you can get out of bed without getting drenched.


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I've been using exactly that (oversize single) for easily 6 or 7 years now. Probably about 15-20 nights per year. It's holding up really well and is absolutely waterproof. I do generally put it half under my awning though so if it's raining I can get in and out and stay dry.

Condensation is the only issue I have. I always leave every window open so it can breathe. still dry under the fly. Still get some condensation.

I use a 5cm self inflating mat. On top of the built in foam it is extremely comfortable. 2 different sleeping bags depending on how cold it's gonna get.

Can't pack bedding into it. Folds up large but fairly flat so just needs a different form of packing for it.

Overall I would definitely recommend it.


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Thanks everyone.
And thanks for the links Tink.
Im think i might spend a little more and get the oztent Jet Bunker, i like that its got the canvas cover, and i can find waterproof ratings on it, the others just say 'yes' to waterproof without giving a rating. And aside from the condensation and 1 bloke with the cold i havent really found a negative review on them.

Will definitly be using and awning (or a tarp for the stays more then a night) just for a bit of extra protection from the elements.

And probably investing in a -10 sleeping bag for good measure on the super cold nights.

Thanks Albynsw,
Ill be breaking up stays by staying in hostels as well, as ill be working as i travel, so hopefully one of these will hold up in the long term. Ive got a bad back as well, so being off the ground is super appealing to me. Haha
i have 2 x Kulkyne Homestead swags
really good , have slept in them for 12 nights straight ,
down side is there's 2 bags for each sway and the stretcher part is sort of heavy , easy to set up with 2 people
the wife really likes her's ( maybe because she get's an uninterrupted sleep without me !)
she asked if we could have them in the house
Drifters creek sell them now ( i think they made them for Kulkyne)