telstra reception booster


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Mates got one. It’s unreal. Sit inside his cabin and reception goes from nearly non existent to 4 bars and 4G fast internet


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I have an old Samsung flip phone and when under my neighbours carport it gets 4 -5 bars neighbour has a fang dangled late model phone 2-4 bars I'll stick with old school.


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Used them a lot, their main/only benefit is getting reception inside a building or car where you are dropping in and out on your mobile. You still need to be in the coverage zone.


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Wow, that is much better than a real campfire on the beach at Sunset phs.

8 hour sunsets, no boring wood collection, and putting it in the fire. 100 % environmentally friendly. And no smoke or Midgies.

I must remember to get my 4G booster for next time I go camping. I think my roof rack will hold a 72" 4K TV too.

Better not let National Parks know though. They may have an issue if I set it up in a non designated fireplace. You also have to remember, don't just press off with the remote control, that could be a fire hazard when you leave. Make sure you also turn power off at the mains switch.

Of course, all good camping equipment has 2 uses

We shouldn't joke, it might come to that one day.
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Don't get too carried away, 8k has just hit the shelves and that booster probably aint good enough. Better off waiting 10 years and getting the 5G booster.


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How much crap are we going to add to our vehicles...;).

Would be cheaper to buy a Security Blanket and a Dummy....:p than rely on that out there.

A Sat phone at that price.
I like to go with the KISS method ..keep it simple stupid , unless your a you tube star :cool: I have no need for this gadget , if travelling remote emergency comms are a worthy addition to your gear in that case a simple sat phone/PLB will do the job . As you know @Swaggie this thing would be absolutely useless in the majority of the VHC as there is no reception and yes , How much crap are we going to add to our vehicles ??. I reckon the price is ridiculous for something that may or may not work .
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It has amazed me how I can be out in the middle of nowhere expecting with no reception (usually the VHC) and the phone will ring. Bloody Indian Telemarketers always seem to find the perfect time to call.


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I got a Celfi home unit as I have very poor reception at my house. Works well for my old 3g IPhone - not so flash with the wifes newer Samsung phone