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How many out there have had enough of these telemarketers ringing and then telling you that you will be receiving the free gadget that you have requested, even when they have the wrong address, tell you that you DID request one, tell you that your lying, you do want one. 2 calls within 20 minutes today, so far. Will say the first conversation did end up in an argument, though I did give the caller a hard time and called him a dickhead, amongst other things. He gave up in the end and hung up. Second call was a woman, I did take it easier on her. Why is it these callers don't understand the words " I don't want one", "I'm not interested", "No thank you", "Go ring someone else", list goes on. Must have had 20 calls or more I have taken with these jerks excluding the calls we don't answer.
What's funny is I already had one for quite a while now. Even when you tell them I have it, they don't believe me and infer that I'm lying.

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What ever they are selling.
Tell them that your sister sells it also, can get it at trade/staff prices.
You had one installed the other week. Don’t need another


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Another hint. If the number is unknown to you or displays no caller ID, accept the call but do NOT speak. Most spam calls are randomly computer generated. If the computer does not get a voice response, it terminates the call and tries another number.
Now I don't know if this is coincidence or not, but I've had the same mobile number for 15 or 20 years. While all my friends complained about scam calls and texts, I never got a single one. Until...

I was lured in by the very cheap price of a Hillbilly Hot Plate from 4wd Supercentre. As I was paying I was asked for my phone number. Why I need to supply a phone number I don't know. Normally, I just exchange money for a product and a receipt and that's where the relationship ends.

Against my better judgement I gave them my number. Since then, I must've had 1000's of all types of scam calls on my mobile. I'm not saying they're selling customer data, obviously that would be unethical and defamatory. All I'm saying is, the hotplate was cheap.


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Funny you should say that about 4wd sc, I still can`t get them to stop sending me deal`s ad`s and the rest of it, tried blocking them no go.
A least it all goes to spam.

My mobile number is unlisted, still get a crap load of call`s, I always ask them where they got my number, answer from some list.
If they don`t hangup then I tend to let them have it with both barrels, then block the number.

Or just don`t answer, if they don`t leave a message, block the number.
The scam text`s are what I get the most, same block and delete.

Alway`s enjoy watching the yank hackers on youtube when they get into the scam call centres. Funny as.


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I never pick up unless my phone recognizes the caller and I pick up if i want to.
My message on my voice mail.
"Hello, if you are a scammer bloody well hang up, otherwise leave me a message"
Then my specialist rang me for a hospital procedure and I did not have him on my contact list. :eek:.


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My response to them is dependent on how I feel at the time: from nice, no thanks. To yelling at them like a lunatic and using all the swear words in and outside of the vocabulary ... particularly since working from home with those calls coinciding with online work meetings.

The Indian calls on behalf of Telstra are the ones that pizz me off the most. I once did a similar thing to the aforementioned Seinfeld video, but then went on to ask about the weather in Delhi, his wife, her age, what she wears at home, and it went downhill fast from there ... funny, he wasn't impressed ... I was just about falling on the floor laughing.


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Let share with you an experience I had a few years back.
A telemarketer from a local company was trying to sell me a dozen bags of compost. I refused with the excuse "I cannot afford it." They persisted with the offer of two bags but the reply was still "I cannot afford it."
A few weeks later, two bags of fertiliser appeared in my driveway.
Then the bill arrived. I called them and left a message on their answering machine to remove their bags of fertiliser.
After a few final demands and many messages left on their answering machine, a debt collectors letter arrived.
I then had a solicitor send them a letter asking them for proof I ordered the fertiliser.
They then called me. They advised me the fertiliser was theirs and I was not to dispose of it. I told them to collect it as soon as possible or as I will be charging them storage.
They never collected it.

Some months later, bitching about telemarketers, I mentioned this company. The neighbor told me her experience with that company. "I ordered two bags from them and they never arrived." She continued "They never billed me either."
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