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Hi all,
Planning a trip in Tassie late Feb, which will be a mix of touristy things and also some offroad tracks etc. We don't really have an agenda (only a rough estimate) and looking for tracks that are safe to traverse by ourselves.. So far it looks like most beaches are off due to the quicksand, but this one looks ok (just realised I cant post a link) but its the coles bay to friendly beaches rated as easy.. I assume this would be OK..?
Other tracks I want to do are the Montezuma falls, Spray Tunnel Zeehan, MtMcall track, Jeffreys Track, and ones I am still investigating and want to know if anyone recently has been on these and whether they are OK to do with only the one vehicle?

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Hey Switched,
Lookout for the Western Explorer Route - great drive fairly easy in most places - but beautiful countryside and a great way to come into Straun. Pass through Zeehan = an amazing town.


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Lived in tassie for about 12 mths and travelled most of it some beautiful areas and yea we did it all just with the one vehical although there were a few little pukker moments in some areas. got pics and everything from the trips


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Hey there,

i just got back from a trip to taz. this is the thread link where members posted a bit of info, http://www.4x4earth.com.au/forum/general-4x4-discussion/5038-where-not-go-tassie.html
i still have to do a trip report and post some pics movies etc - there are a couple from Montezuma Falls and the Zeehan spray tunnel. best thing to get the the 4x4 taz book mentioned on the thread. you can get it on the boat on the way over. good list of tracks and detailed notes.
check out the thread again soon for some more info, might help, if not give me a message happy to help if i can.