Tasmania in 17 days WOW


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What a great area for touring.
Left Devonport at 6.30am and at Arthur River by 12.30, got all our passes etc and we set off.

Camping off the beach and headed down to Sandy Cape for the beach drive, fantastic.

Next day was the Balfour Track, a big tree across the track was a bit of a concern, but Tonkatrol managed to go around it to clear the way, then we hit the water, well yes we did get water inside but all rigs made it, well worth the effort, another icon done. Visited Balfour cemetry and the one house left there with 4 residents, had a drink with them and moved on. Went to Montazuma Falls and did both tracks leading to it, very hard tracks.

Down the west coast to Queenstown, Strahan etc, hilly and winding tracks and roads.

Made our way to Bruny Island via some tracks/bog holes/ruts and some fun tracks.

Then a stay in Hobart and off to the East Coast checking out the attractions Testalated Pavement etc and headed North, did tracks around Policemans Point etc and in the NE corner.

More beach and sand dune driving near Bridport was a good run. free camped most of the way.

Then made our way back to Devonport via inland roads and tracks. An interesting place to explore. Afew pics of the trip.


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