Taree to Sydney trip help please.


Hi all,will be near Taree at Xmas and returning to Sydney and would like to camp for a few days on the way home preferably on a river /near water maybe explore some tougher tracks or local sites any suggestions camp grounds/track notes/trip logs would be great, thanks.


Awesome thanks,yes that seems to be the go i will do some more research on river camp spots and wait to see if anyone has any suggestions.



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How about going inland to Wingham - Gloucester (Barrington Tops Camping) & Bucketts Way back to the Highway.

Could even come back to Sydney via Putty Road and have your final night camp at Upper Colo Reserve. It's right on the river.


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Wat kind of vehicle will u be travellin in? There are many places for a camp and some tracks along the way karuah state forest is on the way some easy to hard tracks camping right next to the river fishing swimming etc.


Cheers, we have a d/cab 79 twin locked/winch etc so she"s pretty capable, I do like the idea of returning through Putty even just to avoid boring freeway.
We generally do like bush/river camping as opposed to van parks/large camp grounds etc.
I guess we need plan B's as I am sure most places may be busy being hols.
Luthy do have any info on suggested spots at Karuah ?.


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Did you get rid of your Ranger?

Im with Bill on this one. The barringtons would be a nice trip. instead of the buckets way to the highway, work your way through to maitland, cessnock through to wollombi down to mangrove mt the to wisemans ferry then home to the hills.


Hey Rodg,yes mate Ranger g.box destroyed itself at 45000km.Ford stiffed us on the warranty.$7000 to repair 6sp auto.had to get rid if it.cost us an absolute packet and still paying to this day extremely dissapointing outcome anyway the 79 is a great truck.
Stick to the coast
Camp grounds at Booti Booti , Sandbar, Mungo Brush, Seal Rocks.
Then when you are over the beach driving and water ways hit the Watagans for some low range action.
Just saying !


Only problem with the coast at xmas is any half decent spot will be chockers. Not saying that any half decent spot in the bush wont be either I just think you have more choices. I would be going the back way from Taree, Barrington and down to Putty Rd as some have suggested. Much better than that crappy freeway.
OK then a must if you travel to wisemans ferry is Mills Creek. National Park drop toilets great private camp spots with fire places heaps of open ground and a bubbling brook with a few dipping holes in the forest. Worth booking, otherwise the only place to stay is private caravan parks by the river watching the ski boats.