Tanami Track


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Article on abc country news re Tanami Track, Road Train drivers are complaining about damage to their tractors and trailers due to no maintenance to track
One driver claims he does 4 trips per week and it is costing him $1000 per week in damages
There is $200,000,000 set aside for road construction but at $1,000,000 per kilometer and 1000 kms still yet to be done, don't hold your breathe


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finding out its condition was so bad disapointed me deeply. this isnt a track used by adventuerers and only adventurers, its a needed commercial trucking route. what annoyed me in particular is the comments that it used to be well maintained so this wasnt an issue. now unpaved sections are frequently utter crap. seriously what the heck is going on. This isnt the anne beddell highway(though it is needing some minor maintenance)....