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Hi all

Sorry for the absence, have been watching and reading threads with the accasional message from GOLDRUSH, thanks Cliff

NEWS on the Range of Tanami Pumps


We have been working hard to get the range ready for East Coast distribution through the larger camping and auto accessory outlets, the pumps are all ready available at selected independent 4x4 stores and TJM and ARB outlets

We are still looking for resellers in SA, WA, TAS, anyone interested please get back to me

See Tanami Pumps | Tanami Pro | Canning | Birdsville | Eyre | Pilbara | Wilcannia | Fraser for a listing of the current stock holders


Going4WD has done a video for us and this can be seen on You Tube as per the link below

YouTube - Going 4WD - Tanami Pro Pump

Bumper Stickers are available and we are happy to send out to anyone that wants one


Please email Chris.Hubble@extremelimitsoffroad.com.au with your details, requesting a Tanami Pump bumper sticker


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