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Talawana Track update required

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by Mini, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. Mini

    Mini Member

    After reading Mr. Rums amazing trip on the Talawana Track, I ask for any updates since May. Mr. Rum had to do a U-Turn (probably a 5 point turn) and retrace his steps after almost getting through then stopped by water. Would like to know if that track is dried out, best contact (other than here) to find out, and how many more people have passed through mowing down the spinifex. Leaving in two weeks and probably mid August till we get that far after coming from Cairns. This seems like my major obstacle between here and the Pilbara.
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  2. sharkcaver

    sharkcaver Well-Known Member

    well latest i heard is the CSR is still closed due to water and will be for some months yet.

    copied from a closed FB group as its useless to post a permalink if you are not a member. I'm sure they wont mind, there is not trade secrtets in there;

    How that affects the talawana....NFI.
  3. Mini

    Mini Member

    Sharkcaver, thank you for that piece of news, disappointing but best to know now. Will have our option to proceed straight ahead to Kunawaritji and on to Marble Bar I suppose. Can also check with vehicles coming the other way which way they came I guess. Always good to have a plan B.
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  4. mauriceb

    mauriceb Well-Known Member

    This is the bypass track @Mini did part of in June from Well 33. Its 622km if you go into Cotton Creek. We didn't go down to join the Talawana as we travelled the remoter west of the park Via Hanging Rock, Cristie's Crossing to Skull creek Road then Nulligine. Georgia Bore to Kunawarritji bypass MB.jpg
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  5. richardlnsw

    richardlnsw Moderator

    According to the website below it states that the CSR is closed between wells 25 and 26 which shouldn't affect the Talawana track at all. But @Mr Rum could shed some light on this for us as he was there not long ago.:)
  6. Mini

    Mini Member

    Hi Richard, yes, thanks for that. In May last year 2017, I did the Canning and Well 25 was the only one we were not able to get there out of the whole 51 wells. The water there was a bright red, redder than mud and it looked quite eerie. There was a very 'newish' detour around it and then it became detours off the detours as the water seemed to be rising.
    Yes, I read with interest Mr. Rums adventures on the Talawana Track and that is what made me launch this enquiry. Mr. Rum writes the best stuff and his photography is fantastic. Can't wait for Mr. Rum to get his drone and send in some video. Thanks for help there richardlnsw, yesterday I devised and documented my 'Plan B' via Kunawaritji, Punyu, Telfer, Carawine Gorge, Skull springs Road etc and do some of the trip backwards, turns out O.K., slightly less kilometres but missing out on Marble Bar but then picking up on some railway tracks from Tom Price to Karratha - should be fun ;)
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  7. Mr Rum

    Mr Rum Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words again.
    I did reply with this on my trip report thread..

    “I do know of at least one vehicle that’s been through since us. They went through four or five weeks later, and though they got bogged once, they did get through. Surely there’s been a few since then. Who knows. At least you should get through.”

    I can’t find the post the bloke made on Facebook, or I’d share the photos of him bogged.
    As long as you’ve got adequate protection from the spinifex, I wouldn’t be concerned now. Especially as you won’t be travelling alone.
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  8. Mr Rum

    Mr Rum Well-Known Member

    I don’t know if this will help you, but if the links work, you should be able to piece it all together.

    The track is the grey line wiggling across the map, and we were travelling east to west (right to left).
    Everywhere the images look like salt lakes (white), they were in fact water lakes.

    In the first image, the green arrow points to where the track first went under water, but we went bush for a couple of hundred metres to get around it where I parked and went for a walk.
    Where it followed the edge of the water it was soft under foot, and though driving on it might’ve been alright, I wasn’t willing to risk it.
    Once the track moved away from the waters edge, it was firm, and would’ve been fine, but that led to where the red arrow is pointing, and I wasn’t interested in driving through that either.

    The idea we had was to skirt the flooded area roughly where the blue line is, but we aborted that idea when we realised how long everything was going to take, plus we still had this to worry about a bit further up the track..


    The area in the green circle was the unknown bit that had us worried, and the blue arrow is pointing to where the Talawana Track meets the CSR.
    So close!
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  9. Mini

    Mini Member

    OMG, so near and yet so far. I can see your dilemma and an aerial view would have helped with the drone as to what was happening at that particular moment. Yes Mr. Rum, I was aware that a following vehicle got through (thank you) and doing the Gary H'Way and Talawana Track is still the way I am planning on and hoping for. The Plan "B" was a back-up only to action only if we had to. I also intended to check with east bounders on the Gary Junction Road as to which way they got there, Talawana Track or from the Telfer & Kunawaritji way. This will be my first ever remote trip towing a camper trailer (K.K.) which would add to any concerns about getting back out, the other vehicle will not be towing.

    Was wondering where your mesh was, I now see it is directly in front of the radiator whereas mine sits over the front grill area. I would send an image if I knew how to insert it. BTW What channel are travellers on out there, 10, 40 or something else ?. Did you or Jen get my CSR story ?.
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  10. Mr Rum

    Mr Rum Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the mesh is stretched out about half way between the grill and radiator. It usually just lives there all the time. I put it back in before I started the Connie Sue Highway, and it’s still there now. Apart from our Talawana experience it’s pretty much just been set and forget for the most part.

    Channel 40 is the go to on the CSR, and seems the most commonly used by everyone else out there as well.

    Yep, we both got both emails this time (just checked). I’ll get around to reading it when I get a moment and let you know what I think.
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  11. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    Finished the CSR 2 days ago. Water has not dropped much, maybe 100mm. Track still closed. Spoke to one vehicle which tried to get around about 6 days ago. Hopelessly bogged in what looked like a dry track. Just read of a vehicle which got through but the vehicle is water damaged badly and the boggings, yes plural, have wrecked the track.
    The first 50 km of the Talawana west of Georgia Bore is corrugated, after that it is OK to Purrungar then a highway west. Have a great trip.
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  12. Mini

    Mini Member

    Hi Tink, sorry mate, this came in after we had already left (Sunday 5th August) on the trip. Yes, the first 50 kms as you said was pretty ordinary, read a bit more where we had to abandon our camper 49 kilometres east of Well 24. We drove till we got tired and eventually stopped on the western side of the Parnngurr Road where it indeed become a highway. I had an idea it became better from earlier reports.

    I am awaiting for Pooi to sign off on a $15,000 retrieval with a Port Hedland company to go and bring it to town. Am hoping fellow travellers don't damage it, trash it or steal anything off it, am hopefull of being re-united with our Kimberley Kamper. RACQ were just amazing to us with Ultimate cover, the jury is still out with Pooi - - - - - Mini
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  13. Mini

    Mini Member

    Such a shame about Mr. Rum, I watched the funeral on live streaming, can't get my mind off such a sad and senseless loss of such a great guy as Peter Brett
  14. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    what happened to the camper? you would think it would be cheaper to fix on the track than recover it
  15. billolga

    billolga 4x4 Earth Contributer

    The first 50 kms West of Georgia bore is always corrugated - BTW 9 kms from Georgia Bore there was a Blue Drum last time I was there, where two men & there Dog died of thirst in 2005 (We got there two months after they died on our 2005 trip & the vehicle was still there - there were Instant Noodles, Coffee & Bongs lying around).
    Would you believe we found a message in a bottle on a stick South of Georgia Bore with "We just found two dead men etc".:(
    BTW @Mini , if you go back there to Georgia Bore & find a Trivet, it belonged to Mr Rum as he lost it there.:(
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  16. Mini

    Mini Member

    The shock absorber pooped itself and disappeared completely, then the trailing link could over travel and the spring popped out allowing the camper to collapse on the wheel. This is an early model having only the one shock absorber per side and no keeper chain or cable to limit the travel. If I could get parts, a couple of hi-lift jacks etc., yes, I agree, a fix on the track is a distinct possibility, even if just a temporary repair. I figured I only had about 130 kilometres of road left before I got to highway standard road - a shame
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  17. Cub 2009

    Cub 2009 New Member

    Hi Mini
    Just wondering if you got your camper out.We passed it on 23/8 still waiting for pickup.One of our crew found the undamaged spring about 50km past the camper.Would have been a bit rough.If we had been going the other way we could have had it going in 30 minutes but there was no phone number on it to call.
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  18. Mini

    Mini Member

    Club 2009, Thanks heaps for responding to the forum and for the photo of my (ex) camper. Wow, 50 kilometres back, that is amazing. We drove back towards Windy Corner about 10 kilometres or so thinking that would be heaps and then even doubting we would find it if it propelled itself sideways and on what side do you look. Thanks for your offer to call but did not even think anyone would find it - ever.... In answer to your question NO, we did not get it out but a towing company from Port Hedland did get it out. They specialise in remote rescues and made a temporary repair with wooden blocks and successfully towed it out. It is now sitting in the yard fully intact awaiting further instructions from the Insurance company. I was fully paid out as the cost of retrieval exceeded the value of the camper even before any repairs were made.
    The tow company said it was fully intact and I thank any other travellers who saw my camper and respected my instruction as not to steal or rob bits off it, I appreciate your honesty and integrity.
    In case anyone buys this Kimberley Kamper, it would be prudent to change the shock absorber and spring on the left hand side (with a red Pedders shock absorber) AND fit or have fitted, a chain or strap to prevent unrestrained travel of the wishbone. I have looked at later model and other campers and they all have these keeper straps or chains, I was remiss in not figuring this out but I was new to campers and the possibility of this occurrence happening.
    Also, I have a boat lifter for this particular camper but it is in Cairns Queensland, as well as turnbuckles, rams, lock down chains etc., in short, the whole kit and caboodle for a side lifting boat lifter. Also, I have a 3 jerry can holder (Aluminium - made by Norweld) that pivots off the back for either water or extra fuel carrying along with ratchet spanners. Also a full set of canopy roof, side walls and Perspex windows with Velcro attach for stormy weather. I had expected my camper back and I retain all these extras but figure it will be sold in W.A. somewhere. I have 2 complete sets of keys for all the locks and latches. I am not the owner of the camper and registration has been cancelled but the roadworthy, gas compliance certificate was done in February of this year when two new tyres were fitted.

    Club 2009, how did you go on your trip, did you do a loop trip or carry onto to Alice Springs via the Gary Road. As an aside, my nudge bar fell off. Apparently stainless steel is not the best material where vibrations / corrugations exist, anyone else had this problem. My nudge bar fell off 2 days prior on the Gary Highway heading south to Windy Corner.

    If you buy this camper, contact me here if you wish if interested in annexes, boat lifter and water / fuel carrier.

    As a follow up on Insurance, I misjudged Youi badly, I received excellent service from them, they were very over whelmed with the logistics of the location and recovery and did their darnest to get it to work for me with one retriever going out, failing to get to the site and themselves requiring retrieval after bogging the heavy 8 wheel vehicle. Will I stay with Youi - absolutely

    Thanks also to mac-man-luke, billolga, Tink and Mr. Rum (R.I.P.) and Mrs. Rum.
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  19. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    Gee Mini, sorry to hear you lost your KK especially since they are no longer being manufactured. Good result from Youi though.
  20. Cub 2009

    Cub 2009 New Member

    Mini Yes we did a loop Perth-Nullagine-Skull Springs Rd-Rudall River NP-Talawan-CSR-Talawana-Gary Hwy-GB-Wiluna-Perth.We were 4 to begin with and the 105 turned right on the Talawana to visit Karajina and the rest- 80 with Cub,100 with Aussie Swag and a Disco4 with a bigfoot camper turned left to Georgia Bore.The trip was great with the highlights of Hanging Rock and Desert Queen Baths in Rudall River and the many corrugations of the Talawana and Gary Hwy.We had no vehicle issues but my camper required a bit of chassis welding at DQB.It's not an offroad cub and has slipper springs and a 50mm ball but has served us well previously travelling the GRR,Gunbarrel,Tanami,Connie Sue,David Carnegie Rd,Hunt Oil Rd,Mt Dare to Dalhousie amongst others without problems.The Gary Hwy and Talawana (South from CSR) would have to be up there with the roughest roads we have travelled.
    All the suspension failures we have seen have been independent although I'm sure there are leaf failures about.The Bigfoot with us also required a bit of welding on the trailing arm but was a quick fix with the battery welder.Anyway it's a pity we missed you as we were keen to get the KK going.
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