Take care where you camp.


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Always a problem especially when wind storms come through. Can also happen on a still night as that is the danger our Gum trees present.
Pick your camp site carefully and always be mindful of what lies above.
This was last night's storm coming through Running Creek Camping Reserve, Howqua VIC .




Yep people always seem to gravitate towards the trees for shade especially over summer.
Dangerous things they are, I’ll try my best to stay in camp on windy days, driving along ridgelines when it’s blowing isn’t fun in my eyes...
Glad no one was killed...


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Ouch, everyone ok?

I've been there, in the blizzard that is in my avitar picture which was an old cattle yard in a NSW highlands SF we had an approx 30mtr buffer zone to the nearest tree.

About 50mtrs away in the middle of the night a 30+mtr high gum that had about a 1+mtr wide trunk exploded & sounded like a nuke going off.

My mate & I shat ourselves & we continues to hear similar but lesser type explosions during the night, walking around the next day there were trees both pine & more gums down all over the place.
The wind was that high it was lifting the pegged awning tent off the groung with the 2 of us in our swags in it.

The campsite is always getting blown around because its in the open but still at least we know a tree wont fall on us!


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Bugger, that canopy is toast, that wont buff out.

Not the same but similar, my mate spotted this hanging precariously above our camp a few days prior to xmas: