Tackle advice


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Hey guys,

Going to be travelling around Aus next year with family and looking to be doing some fishing, but want to make sure i have my fishing gearing sorted before going as ive mainly small lighter rigs for freshwater high country fishing on trout or light saltwater 2-4kg.

So, ill be keen to go fishing up Darwin, then making our way across to Broome and down west coast.

What sort of tackle and Rods and reels would be i be looking at taking? All will be landbased fishing.

Advise is much appreciated.




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All I can say is anywhere above a line between Rockhampton and Broome, would be not to leave out the legendary gold bomber, i did the big lap in 97, and carried 7 rods, 3 egg beaters 2 to 15 kg (the girl liked to fish too) 3 overheads 5 to 15 kg and a surf rod. Didn't have the options of soft plastics back, wish i did, try to be inventive, have used the aluminium lid from the milo tin wrapped round a couple of splitshot and a 30 hook, caught it's fair share of fish too and don't forget a couple of crab pots and squid jigs