System Issue?

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I think I already know the answer to this one, but...

A little while ago I had to get a new battery installed. One of those things that happens from time to time. The people who I took the car to took the old one out and put the new one in, but didn't connect any sort of supplementary battery at the time. I said to them that shouldn't they be doing that to protect the computer, etc., but they said, no, it will all be good.

You can see where this is heading, I'm sure.

Anyway, while the Triton still runs OK, it now won't recognise any of the little features, like the hands-free options for the 'phone, the stereo is doing weird things (e.g. cutting in and out) and trying to access the voice menu for the systems gets the same response of "no input detected, returning to main menu" regardless of what I try to do. The battery mob are denying that it's anything to do with them, of course.

I'm looking at a back-to-the-dealer kind of reset here, aren't I?


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I would have thought that you could get into the settings and put the system back to where you had it.

I had the same thing happen to mine on a battery change, but I only had to reprogram the stereo.
That was a pain.
Try your handbook first, that may help.
You may be right about back to the dealer, or check with a auto electictrican, they may help and be far cheaper than the dealer.


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I dont see any just reason behind removing a battery & replacing with another without any supplement charging battery between the 2?

I have disconnected & re connected my battery many times without issues with any electronic components.

Main thing is to connect the earth(negative) before the positive which I guess could cause issues?

For the same reason if I have ever had to jump start I always use the chassis as the negative contact point first & while connecting to the POS terminal of the battery & trying to jump.
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Thanks all.

@Toyasaurus Yeah, I think this is what I'm going through now. The handbook hasn't gone any distance towards solving the issue, and the local auto sparky was where I got the battery. :rolleyes:

@Triton14 The last time I had to have a battery changed was when a cell collapsed in the installed battery in the middle of Outer Kickatinnalong, so to speak. A guy from the NRMA eventually found me with a new one, and very carefully connected a small battery first prior to removing the old and installing the new. All I can say is half your luck! And yeah - Negative always goes first.

@typhoeus I hadn't heard of those either. Pricey for what it is, but less than the cost of a takeaway, so... Cheers.


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Have a browse of they might have ideas.

My '13 Hilux forgets clock, GPS history and auto-UP/DOWN on driver's window almost immediately but remembers climate settings, Bluetooth and Audio settings for about an hour when you remove power. Those are easily fixed though so I've never bothered with a battery memory saver.

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Yeah, I seem to have kept all of the basics - windows, etc. - and lost a lot of the not-really important but makes life easier stuff.