Synthetic Winch rope 10mm x 40 Metres


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Hi all

Have been offered a qty of Synthetic Wich Rope

10mm x 40 Metres with crimped lug and SPLICED shackle loop

Can pass this deal on to this forum per length at $320.00 per length

Plus post of 10.00

Need to act fast as this is being ordered from our Overseas supplier on the 11 Jan 09

Will take a 5 weeks odd to arrive and clear customs, payment required up front if interested

Get back to me fast

We do have CC processing

FEATURES / TECHNICAL DATA for 10 mm x 40 m synthetic rope:

Material--UHMWPE Fibre

Breaking strength 16500LBS/7500kgs


Does not kink

No memory

Melting: 156℃

Elongation at break 4% - 5%

Easy handling

UV resist

Net Weight 1.6kg


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hi Mark , Wayne here im interested in this rope as well . I previously had some in my boat trailer & although an 18' tub hasnt got the wt of a 4b , i was very impressed . so if i can get a confirmed price we might do some business