sydney to ayers rock


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hey was wondering if anyone has driven to ayers rock?off road or on the highways??any advice or troubles you mite have come a cross etc would be great ,thanks


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Are you asking for route suggestions here, or already decided how to get there and looking for road
condition reports?



Depending on your the time you have for this trip. It can be epic! Or a visit. The choice is yours. One of the runs I have done was out from Sydney, to Mildura, onto Renmark in SA. Then to Clare, Snowtown and up the Stuart Hwy. Stop at Peteborough if you like trains and visit the museum. Up to Woomera, Coober Pedy, on to Uluru. Up to Kings Canyon, around to Hermannsburg then up to Alice.

Coming home, down the Old Ghan, out to Chambers Pillar, Marree continuing on to Burra. Back again to Mildura then on to Echuca for a few days rest before heading back home. If you don't want to come home that far south again, I'd recommend, come back via Broken Hill.

Lots to see along this trip. For me, it's one that I'll do again and again.

As for troubles. Didn't really have any. Everyone is friendly enough. The local indigenous folk keep to themselves. Seem they prefer it that way. This isn't just around Uluru I'm talking. Actually, we saw only five indigenous folk around there. Plenty everywhere else. Some of the places that I've mentioned aren't real tourist attractions either. Hermannsburg, Finke for example. But you can get supplies and so forth. Not sure you would want to stay in those places, but just outside, you can find some magical places to camp.

Recommend that you keep your eye on the weather. If it get wet. It's hard, hard work and fuel can quickly become and issue if your off the blacktop.
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hiya kiwial its a great trip and as gdog said epic, i came up here in 93 (alice springs) and have never left the people the place are just magic so hope you in joy your visit so much to see and do...and now is a great time to stopoff and see the water filling in lake eyre
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Sydney to Alice

Hi Kiwial

I'm thinking of heading to Alice in June (all going well)

My plan was sydney to broken hill then up to Tibooburra - across to Cameron Corner, Merty Merty then down the Strezlecki Track to Lyndhurst then up the Oonadatta Track to Marla - then follow the highway up to Alice.

Planned around 2 weeks to get there but still working on the logistics. Thought it would be an interesting way to go and I'm only new to 4wding so thought it wouldn't be too bad a run.

Hope this gives you some ideas

Take care