Sweetwater Creek Nature Reserve (Neerim Plantation)


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I went for a drive today in the Neerim Plantation and decided to try out the Sweetwater Creek Track after seeing it on here I was expecting a leisurely drive in the new rig, after getting down the track some way it came to a gated off section that looked like it hadn't been driven in years and around the bend it then started to drop down the hill into some ruts, I decided to turn around and head back after realising these ruts went off the Sweetwater Creek Track but I am still curious, what's beyond these ruts? Looking on google maps the track heads north and then meets up back at Stoll Rd / Beards track area.
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The area highlighted yellow below is private property .... that might explain it ?


That sure explains a lot, what did you use to get this?

Really interest to know if anyone has driven the track that goes north, it was unnamed and haven't been able to find anything on it

As your still on Private Property your better off going in from the other end of the track, North to South till you hit the Private Property Boundary. ;)