Swaggies Product Reviews


Swaggies Product Reviews:

1: Tigerz Awning: http://www.4x4earth.com.au/forum/camping-equipment/22254-tigerz-awning-review.html#post290480

2: Coleman Hot Water On Demand: http://www.4x4earth.com.au/forum/ca...leman-hot-water-demand-review.html#post300959

3: Coleman Family Cook Set - 5 Piece: http://www.4x4earth.com.au/forum/ca...leman-5-piece-cook-set-review.html#post300858

4: 4x4 Equip Combo Shovel & Bag: http://www.4x4earth.com.au/forum/ge...uip-compact-shovel-bag-review.html#post300434

5: Icom 41s Handheld: http://www.4x4earth.com.au/forum/ge...2967-icom-41s-handheld-review.html#post296966

6: Jimmy's Thunderbox Review - Toilet: Jimmy's Thunderbox Review - Toilet

7: Ironman 4x4 Rechargeable Camp Shower Review : (New) Ironman 4x4 Rechargeable 12 Volt Shower

8: Ironman Collapsible Silicon Kettle: Ironman Collapsible Silicon Kettle

9: Coleman 533 Duel Fuel Stove :Coming Soon.

10: AcruRite Digital Thermometer-Twin Sensors: AcruRite Digital Thermometer

11: Oztent Gecko Chair (coming soon)


12: Kincrome Smart Tyre Gauime


13: Primus 25000btu Double Cooker.

14: WakJak Hamner By Coleman.

If a manufacturer/retailer wants a camping,4x4 product reviewed just pm me, the only cost would be postage if I cannot pick it up.I do not accept payment in any form.The review will be honest.
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